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What Differentiates Academic Writing

Though in some ways writing while studying at an university is indeed similar to other writing styles like professional or business writing but the former, often referred to as academic writing, is marked by distinguishing characteristics of its own. To cite an example academic writing tends to be formal as well as impersonal. It deliberately avoids conversational or casual language, which is again characterized by an informal vocabulary in addition to contractions. By virtue of its formal nature, it remains focused on the objective and opts for an informal tone. It shuns directly referring to feelings and people and instead lays the emphasis on facts, objects and ideas. To illustrate:

Did not is more formal than didn’t

Very large is a more formal version than huge

This work will enquire into whether is far more objective than I wanted to prove to you …

But even being able to write in an objective and a formal way does not necessarily mean that you are a perfect fit for good academic writing making people opt for the help of custom essay writing service. This difficulty in adhering to a formal style is mainly due to three reasons.

One needs to dole out technical details. This entails a large vocabulary for objects and concepts related to the field you are studying about like physics, linguistics and accounting.. And to make things even more complex there is also a considerable vocabulary for specialized areas.

You should note that disciplines differ not only in vocabulary but also in the style of presentation. To cite an example when you are writing for a topic in the area of humanities longer paragraphs are the norm and the structure of the argument is exemplified through topic sentences. Contrast this with a writing project in the field of say, Science where you may expect paragraphs that are shorter and are dense in facts. Some disciplines also call for more subjectivity in the treatment whilst other explicitly forbids the use of personal pronouns.

Structure is also a factor of importance. Some sorts of academic writing have a structure that tags along nicely irrespective of the discipline such as the essay while assignments like reports and case studies have norms which vary according to discipline.

There is no dearth of material and resources on academic writing available online that lets you skill up on you academic writing abilities. You will also need to imbibe particular structures and styles for the area in which you study and particular tasks which are to be written. Some resources that you may turn to are like:

Ask your instructor for help

Discuss freely with other students

Study samples of excellence written by other students of your subject

Make a thorough analysis of academic articles published in the prestigious and major journals in your field.

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