Beat Plagiarism With Proofreading: Trending Expert Tips 2019

Plagiarism and proofreading

Plagiarism: Is It The Idea Behind Imitation?

Copying others’ work in your paper without giving credit is known by the term ‘plagiarism.’ Although not common, it is a visible sight in students’ research papers and essays. Those who are unaware of the university standards, often, make this mistake. Sometimes, students exhibit this mistake even after knowing the terms of writing a dissertation, essay, and other types of paper.

It is noted by the penmypaper subject matter experts that mostly, plagiarism occurs when students take forward others’ research, which is the case in most instances. They quote from the original works for pointing to the gaps. Therefore, plagiarism increases. It also happens when scholars directly copy from the internet resources. Sometimes, motives are wise; other times, the intentions are foul. In any way, it’s important that you get rid of this error as soon as you can in order to retain the image of a good academic person.

What Happens If You Plagiarize The Paper?

The most wicked threat in academic writing is ‘plagiarism.’ No matter whether you copy with good or bad intentions, the outcomes are similar in every situation. It’s considered a criminal offense in both creative and academic writing. Here’re some of the many scenarios that you may face on plagiarizing your paper –

  • Professors are hard-hearted towards plagiarized papers.
  • You’ll end up with poor grades on copying other’s work
  • Getting exposed to plagiarism ruins the reputation
  • Disciplinary actions are taken when you plagiarize a paper
  • You may be thrown out of the course if you forget to cite
  • Original author/researcher may file a lawsuit against you
  • Leads to monetary restitution for copyright infringement

In short, plagiarism is a banned idea in schools, college or universities. The more you avoid imitating, the better gets your chance of topping the class. Your goal is to generate that level of content that retains originality and the highest degree of quality.

Here’s What Scholars Are Saying About Plagiarism

The most dreadful fear of trusting online writing services is landing into plagiarism. Certainly, no one wishes to, but statistics say that breach of copyright is found in many dissertations and research papers. PenMyPaper had conducted a qualitative research across the world to dig out the real reasons behind the copied-content-issue.  And, who else can answer better than scholars!

“oh! Plagiarism is pathetic. I have faced the threat twice while writing a coursework for my management paper. It happened when I referred to a researcher’s work in my project. There was no other way as my paper included a lot of acronyms and their full forms. I was lucky to find an expert writer, who saved on that coursework!”

  Jane Doe, INSEAD, France

“Too tough to handle plagiarism. I knew the tactics of writing Article Review paper and composed it maintaining all the standards. However, I ended up plagiarism in the portion where I summarized the original article. I didn’t know that double quotation marks are important for direct quotes. Great PenMyPaper helped me a lot in getting rid of the plagiarism issue.”

 – J. Smith, London School of Business, UK

“I would suggest my fellow scholars to read how to avoid plagiarism before writing the papers. Otherwise, it may give you sleepless nights. For me, it’s a nightmare. My management case study format was perfect according to my guide but I plagiarized the report during composition. Copied necessary information from the internet, without knowing the consequences of plagiarism and scored poorly.”

 – Mia Dakota, University of Pennsylvania, US

Proofreading Is the Germ-Killer: Smart Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Avoiding plagiarism is important to excel in your academic career. But, ‘how’ is the most common point at issue, heard in every college campus. Students look forward to the expert’s advice. Well, the key measures are hidden here; read on to expand your realm of wisdom with these tips provided by an assignment writer.

    1. Read the Text as You Compose : Missing quotation marks, repetition of three consecutive words, and other similar mistakes can be avoided if you read simultaneously with writing. Complete one full paragraph and take a minute to read the whole text. In this way, you can easily track minor mistakes and evade them at the very moment.
    1. Manually Proofread the Whole Paper: Once you finish writing the whole paper, go through it from beginning till the last. This will not only help you find plagiarized texts, but also the grammatical mistakes. Don’t revise hastily or skip in-between paragraphs. Being wise to yourself can only bring you good grades.
    1. Check for All the Sources in Reference: Everyone consults resources to ensure authenticity in their papers. However, it’s equally important to credit the sources in the Reference section, at the end of your paper. No matter how big or small its contribution is, insert the source in a proper format. Before submission, do check whether or not you have inserted all the sources.
  1. Test in Digital Proofreading Tools: In addition to manual checking, use digital tools to generate the plagiarism report. The Internet has a dozen of free editing tools that does the necessary proofreading for you. Either copy or paste the text or drag the file or upload it from your desktop and press the concerned button to complete the process.

Trending Plagiarism Checkers Of 2019

These are the top five digital plagiarism detection tools that you can use for self-checking. Take a look at the trending names –

  1. Grammarly
  2. Copyscape
  3. Turnitin
  4. PlagScan
  5. Unicheck

‘Writing’ Or ‘Proofreading’ – Want An Expert To Guide You?

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