A Comprehensive List of the Best Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech Topics

Writing and delivering an excellent speech is not an easy task, whether it is on an impromptu speech topic or a persuasive topic. While creating these speeches, one needs to keep in mind the main goal of writing these sorts of speeches. These speeches are written with the objective of inspiring and educating people with your unique views and ideas. Your target while delivering this speech will be to persuade and inform your target audience by stating valid points.

If choosing good persuasive speech topics seems to be a challenging task for you, then you have reached the right place. Because it is an incredibly tough task to select the topic that interests you as well as your audience. But don’t worry, as PenMyPaper is here to help you out in finding the most compelling and unique ideas for your persuasive speech. Prior to that, let’s take a look to know what persuasive speech is.

What is Persuasive Speech?

Unlike a commemorative speech, the main aim of writing a persuasive speech is to inform the audience about a specific topic. That is your intention will be to convince your target audience with your viewpoint. Another important thing to remember while composing a persuasive speech is the selection of your speech topic. This is because you need to pick the topic that the audience feels interesting so that it can engage them.

Keep in mind to choose the topics that serve your purpose of delivering the speech. Also, this will assist them in understanding your purpose behind writing the persuasive speech.

How to Deliver a Compelling Persuasive Speech?

After choosing the topic for your persuasive speech, you should complete your research work and proceed to the writing process which is the same in cases of demonstration speech ideas. Make sure to follow this step-by-step procedure sequentially:

  • Before you start writing, determine the thesis in a crystal clear manner
  • Create a speech outline and organize the main arguments into a logical flow
  • Make an emotional connection with your audience by appealing to their sense of nostalgia
  • After making arguments, it’s time to address counterarguments using additional examples, facts, and anecdotes
  • Write a strong conclusion where you restate your thesis to wrap up your persuasive speech.

Criteria for Selection of Good Persuasive Speech Topics

Often people get confused between good informative speech topics and persuasive speech topics. If you want to compose your persuasive speech on an engaging as well as an interesting topic, then you must know the criteria before choosing a good topic. Here our team of experts has provided some criteria which one should keep in mind while picking a topic for your persuasive speech.

  • Always look for the topic that you find compelling, that is to say, it should match the level of your interest; so that you can create an impressive speech
  • It is important to identify the choices of your target audience for whom you are writing, thus choose the topic that interests them
  • Think of making your speech relatable as well as unique so that it engages your audience successfully and they did not lose their interest in the speech
  • Even if you pick a common topic for your persuasive speech, ensure to present it before the audience using a different perspective so that they might find it unique and interesting
  • Make sure to choose a familiar topic so that you are well informed about the topic
  • Ensure that your topic is researchable so you get enough information about the topic which will help you in convincing your audience

By taking care of these criteria, you will be easily able to write a persuasive speech. Don’t forget to learn how to write a hook to craft a captivating begining. If you don’t want to waste your valuable time doing research work for searching the topics, then follow the below section. Here you will get a list of persuasive speech topics that are categorized differently to ease making a choice. It covers a wide variety of subjects researched by professional writers. You just have to pick the topic of your choice from the list!

List of Different Persuasive Speech Topic

In this section, we have presented a list of our top-notch ideas for persuasive speech topics that you can even use for composing your research paper. So, take a thorough look at it.

Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

  • Students should not rely on auto-correct and enhance their vocabulary
  • Is it possible that the internet crashes worldwide?
  • Do elderly people are at higher risk for identity theft?
  • Should tablets and iPads replace traditional textbooks?
  • Why forest animals should not be kept as pets?
  • Students should be more careful about the content that they post on social media
  • Is it an intelligent choice to take a year gap?
  • Should horses be used in the city for transportation purposes?
  • There arises a necessity for changing the advertisements as they play with our minds

Persuasive Speech Topics for High School Students

  • The United States should make further advancements in the technological field
  • How the planet gets impacted by deforestation?
  • How renewable energy can be expanded on a global scale?
  • Why people are so addicted to the internet?
  • Learning a foreign language should be made compulsory for high school students
  • Should assist suicide to be permitted to terminally ill patients?

Persuasive Speech Topics Related to Environment

  • Is it possible to predict the impact of the flood?
  • Explore the potential dangers of GMO food
  • Fossil fuels are destroying the atmospheric pressure
  • How the impact of global warming can be reduced?
  • How reducing paper waste assist in preserving trees?
  • Does utilize nuclear power is safe enough?
  • Can the population explosion be possibly handled?
  • Explore some impact of earthquakes that still remains undiscussed
  • Should exotic animals be permitted to live in their natural habitat?

Persuasive Speech Topics Related to Sports

  • Should cheerleading be not considered a sport?
  • Athletes should invest and spend their money carefully
  • Effect of parental pressure on athlete kids
  • Violent video games and gaming consoles are hurting the youth
  • Marching band should be considered as a sport
  • Is working out at home not that effective?
  • Learning to swim should be made compulsory for every school students
  • Gender should not be a matter of concern in sports
  • Should athletes be forced to take drug tests quite often?
  • Male and female athletes should be paid equally

Persuasive Speech Topics Related to Government/Politics

  • Should the government be permitted to censor inappropriate content on the internet?
  • Should there be any reduction in the military budget?
  • Voting should be made compulsory for every adult individuals
  • The government should spend less on making new roads and more on developing high-speed rail lines
  • People who are convicted of drug possession should be sent to recovery programs instead of jail
  • Countries should pay ransom to terrorist groups for free hostages
  • The President should be permitted to serve more than two terms

Persuasive Speech Topics Related to Education

  • Are co-ed schools better than schools where boys and girls are taught in different classrooms?
  • The students should get paid for obtaining a certain GPAs
  • Uniforms should be made compulsory in all schools
  • Writing a dissertation proposal is way tough than writing a research proposal
  • All schools should provide relaxation breaks during the day
  • Students who bully others should be expelled
  • During school hours students should not be allowed to carry their mobile phones with them
  • During study hall, students should be permitted to listen to music
  • The children of immigrants with no documents be permitted to attend public schools
  • Teachers should receive a bonus when their students score good marks in exams
  • Greek life at colleges should be abolished

Persuasive Speech Topics Related to Economic

  • The federal minimum wage should be increased
  • The employees who used to ride a bike should receive bonuses
  • On Thanksgiving day the Black Friday sales should be permitted to begin
  • All interns should be paid for their internship work
  • Tipping in restaurants should be made mandatory
  • Senior citizens should be allowed to ride the bus free of cost

Persuasive Speech Topics Related to Technology

  • Does unlimited access to e-books have successfully replaced the traditional libraries?
  • All newly constructed buildings should be made energy efficient
  • Has technology helped people in isolating them or connecting them?
  • Self-driving cars should be made legal
  • Are violent video games encouraging players for becoming violent in real life too?
  • Will the robots will increase or decrease the opportunities for human employment?

Persuasive Speech Topics Related to Health

  • How insomnia affects the overall health of an individual?
  • Should children become vegetarian?
  • How one should treat and prevent violence against children
  • Are there any other ways to animal testing?
  • Discuss the pros and cons of marijuana
  • Discuss the reasons for mental illness in society and how to prevent it
  • Is fast food the prime reason for obesity among children?
  • How depression negatively affects the immune system of an individual?
  • How the brain gets affected by various genres of music?

Now, once you go through our compilation of persuasive speech topics, you need to select the one which seems appropriate in your case. If you are still confused about which topic to choose, then avail professional essay help from a reliable writing service. Not only they are experts in writing quality papers but they also help you in composing speech as per your demands. You can buy essay cheap at price and get unlimited revisions for free.

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