Time Management Myth Busted! It’s Not About The Tasks

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When I was a child, my grand mom spent a lot of time with me. And she made it very clear to let me know that I was very special. For the most part, I believed she was lying to just make me feel better. Now that there are books on parenting available, we know that it is important to list reasons why you think your child is special.

But the truth is, the best way to make someone feel special is to spend time with them, rather than not just tell them they are special. It is not always important to spend quality time, but just time together. Because to see the whole truth, it is evident that there is not much difference between time and quality time when it comes to feeling special! Simply trying to shortcut it by putting in quality in front of time will not make the cut.

PenMyPaper writers say that when it comes to work and management, simply complementing employees on their good work does not help them do better. Instead, it works as a shortcut to good management and that does not work most of the times. Just like adding the term quality in front of time when you should just be spending time!

This idea was proposed by the Professor at UCLA School of business Samuel Culbert in his book, Abolishing the Performance Review and makes a lot of sense to us. Because we understand that people only choose to compliment us on things that they think, we do not know. Just like my grand mom saying that I am special.

Because hearing compliments about things that we do know, does not really help us. Someone is only helpful in such circumstances who tell us how to improve on our strengths. For instance, our editors and quality assessment teams often tell us that our synthesis essay ideas need to be backed by better research, and research from NY Times shows that people like better research!

So, as an aspiring manager or CEO you must realize that constructive advice helps people do better. Simply adding compliments do not. Also simply stating what people are doing wrong will not help them, because nobody likes to do things the wrong way. Nobody likes to feel stupid. How will the workers improve if they do not know what else to do? And this point takes us back to giving constructive advice.

This further emphasizes on the professor’s idea that simply by complementing people one will not be able to ensure improvement in their work. This may sound strange because managers believe that inherently people like to be managed with compliments, but in actuality, they prefer those who tell them how to be better. So, all managers must be like that.

The idea is fundamentally caring as it takes a lot of effort and time to see what is someone doing poorly, to pinpoint their mistakes and then advice them on how to be better at it. It’s like how to critique an article by knowing its pluses and minuses. This act of assessing is definitely much more caring than the simple act of complimenting or merely criticising people. To put it in simpler words, good management is all about genuinely caring for people!

Often people refer to management as an abstract or detached way. Their idea is somewhat like this work for a four-hour workweek, then disavows their possessions and then tries their poly-phasic sleep. But the truth is that time management really comes down to your idea of it and is all in your heart, not hidden in your to-do list. So, our suggestion to you MBA pursuants buried knee-deep in college assignments is to figure out a new way to manage time. Learn the quick tricks on how to choose essay topics, undergo the coursework outlines, and ace other related areas before starting to write a draft. This plan to prepare yourself beforehand should divide the day into parts for doing well instead of just doing.

The best essay writing help from PenMyPaper will enable you to manage time effectively to get things done at the earliest. You just have to pay for written essays minimally, so you no longer have to be worried about who will write my research paper. But to study what is really important, network, and last but not the least, party!

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