How To Critique An Article: Knowing The Process Through 3 Simple Steps

How To Critique An Article

A critic is somebody who minutely and critically examines any particular form of art and passes off significant statements about the work and also its creator. Similarly, in the field of academics too, we have a lot of critics and critique articles as well. A critique article is also a focused piece of writing where you need to examine the pros and cons of another article in relevance to what the author tried to claim in that article. In short, you have to state how valid and relevant the article and the author both stands for.

What Is An Article Critique?

An article critique is a general assignment that involves the student to read a particular research article minutely and then place critical views upon it. According to the penmypaper writers, the most significant task that is needed to be is identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the article and assessing how the sources were well interpreted by the author. To put together, a critique will show how relevant and valid are the claims and arguments of the author placed in the article. With critical thinking, you can easily learn how to critique and article. 

Learning how to critique an article and writing a critique article is not at all an easy task as it involves you to do a lot of background research on both the article and the various information presented in that article.

3 Steps Towards How to Critique An Article Effectively

The main steps in critiquing an article involve three significant stages: reading the article, collecting enough proof and finally formatting the paper. You can get to know more about how to write a narrative essay to enhance your skill of writing and gain recognition for the essay you write.

Step 1: Critically Reading the Article

A careful reading is the first and foremost thing you have to do. You need to go through every idea mentioned in the article several times for a better understanding and so that the information mentioned in it becomes utterly clear to you. Once you are done reading it several times, you have to find answers to the following question-

  • Why is the author of the article thought to be an expert in the field?
  • How valid is each of the opinions stated by the author sound?
  • Does the author have enough knowledge regarding the topic?
  • What is the opinion of others experts from the field about this article?
  • Was the author of the article academically praised or just got ignored?

  • What is the hypothesis or thesis of the author?
  • What is the main idea being conveyed by the author?
  • Is the idea transparent and clear?
  • Or is the article full of generalized notions and not specific details?
  • Who can be considered to be the target audience for the article?
  • Is the article meant for the general audience?
  • Or is it meant to appeal to a specific group of audience and use language that is capable of intriguing a particular set of audience only? 
  • How far is the validity of the arguments?
  • Did the author make use of sources from all over the place?
  • Did the author take up information from places that have a ‘cult-like vocabulary?
  • What are the logical misconceptions in the viewpoints of the author?
  • Does the article have any logical blind spot?
  • What is their effect on the article’s fate?
  • Has the conclusion been made logical and clear?
  • Was a clear outcome derived by the author in the article?

Reading an article repeatedly can increase your knowledge and give you in-depth insights regarding the logical fallacies in the article given. If you thinking of asking to pay someone to write my paper then our experts can get across the various kinds of fallacies in a given article and ultimately end up writing a brilliant critique article and also learn efficiently how to critique an article. 

Step 2: Collecting Enough Proof

The first step will help you in critically analyzing and understanding the given article. After the first step you would know the exact approach and the direction in which you would go for the article critique. After that in this tip, you need to start collecting supporting evidence to know how to write a critique:

  • Define Whether A Formal Logic Is Being Followed by The Author: One of the significant things you must look for while critically examining an article is whether the piece has any logical fallacy or not. You simply cannot consider that the ideas presented by the author are logical. You need to judge them yourselves. Logical fallacies take place when the author presents information carried away by emotions or feelings and not based on proper evidence for the arguments.
  • Any Biased Opinion Must Be Searched for In the Article: The next step is evaluating the article on the basis of any present biased opinion. This takes place when the author takes a side of the claims and arguments entirely on the basis of outcomes and not on evidence. If the opinions make you feel bad, you can simply look out for proof for discrediting it, and that might make you feel better.
  • Observe How The Author Interprets: It is important to observe the various other texts written by other authors. Are the other author’s viewpoints judged through political lenses by the author?

You must look for areas within the article where the author seemed to have overstressed upon any particular argument due to his own love or hatred for something or his own strict beliefs which he wants to establish and prove true through the writing. Also with the help of checking out logical fallacies, you can get hold of such mistakes by the author.

  • Check Out Cited Sources: It is mandatory for any author to take information from authenticated and trustworthy sources. So you need to check for yourself the authentication of each of the sources from which the author has taken up several pieces of information for the article. To judge the reliable spirit of the sources, you yourself need to dig deep in the background of the information, check out varied news upon the topic and then decide whether the source is a reliable one or one. 

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  • In Spite Of Field And Topic, Language In Every Article Is A Significant Element And Must Be Observed Critically: Wherever you will start working on the article, reading and re-reading it, check out for the language too. The language plays an important role in any article and thus must be taken into consideration. As per critics, you need to look for- “some words have cultural meanings attached to them which can create a sort of confrontation in the article. Such words can place people, objects, or ideas into the “them” side in the “us vs. them” scenario.”

For example– A conservative can refer to the opponent with the word ‘leftist’. This is wrong. This is where the author is directly attacking the messenger but not the message. Also a progressive person can refer to the opponent as being ‘bigot’.

These kinds of mistakes in the language are considered clearly to be logical fallacies. 

  • Questioning The Research Methods: This is not really crucial but if you want to know how to critique an article from the field of science and research, then you have to get how reliable the research methods are. The way the author mentioned so as to solve the problem of the topic, has to be judged by you to check its validity. You can ask yourself the following question-
  1. How is the research significant in the field of science? What is its value?
  2. Is it possible for recreating the experiment in the setting of a laboratory?
  3. Was there any presence of statistical errors?
  4. Was there any issue related to the sample size?
  5. Was any kind of control group used for this research?
  6. How are the research methods been explained by the piece?
  7. How is the study designed? Are there any kind of errors possible?

Step 3: Formatting The Paper

Just the way you organize and structure an article review template or any other written assignment, in the similar way, you will have to format and structure the critique paper well so as to gain knowledge about how to critique an article easily. A well written critique article is divided into four parts- introduction, summary, critique and conclusion. The ideal format of critique paper is given below to give you an idea about how to critique an article.


  • The title of the article and the name of the author
  • The significant ideas of the author stated in the article
  • A clear and transparent thesis statement that would state the direction of the critique article. You can detail about how to write a thesis in the most apt manner with ease. 


  • The crux or the main idea established in the article
  • The significant claims and arguments presented in the article
  • The conclusion part of the article


  • Highlight the strength and weaknesses of the article
  • Express and educated and authentic opinion regarding the accuracy, clarity and relevance of the article. With direct and strong examples from the piece, backup the claims that you will make in your article


  • Summarise all the main and significant points of the article in the essay conclusion paragraph and also learn how to start a conclusion.
  • Finally conclude the article with few statements on how relevant and validating the article is 
  • In case if you are on the side that the claims made in the article is relevant, the also state what is the future scope of this article ad how helpful can it be in its own field

Thus knowing how to critique an article is not that a challenging task. It is mostly about finding the logical errors in the article and also judging the viewpoints placed by the author. You need to judge the author’s words and place down the errors that you got hold of in the article with proper evidence. Last but not the least, you must review your written piece for identifying any type of grammatical errors and discrepancies. It will be better if you run your article criticism through authentic plagiarism detection tools for assurance. With professional help, you can also get tips on how to nail the perfect essay. The professionals at PenMyPaper teach you exactly this thing only- how to critique an article in the most apt and logical manner possible.

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