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SWOT Analysis of Starbucks

Starbucks, previously known as Starbucks Corporation, is a coffeehouse chain with approximately 20,000 locations across the world. Starbucks is known to be the largest American coffeehouse chain in the world, having 31,256 stores all over the globe. Starbucks is among • Read More »

SWOT Analysis of Apple Inc

Strengths Apple is one of the biggest names in the information technology industry and operating in the market for several decades. In 2017, the revenue of Apple was recorded around $229,23 billion, which was the largest by any IT company. • Read More »


100 Ideas for Your Research Paper Topics of 2022

Finding a topic to research on is quite challenging with so many influential factors round the corner. The circumstance gets critical when you don’t have a virtuous set themes, available. To your good, this blog is like a plate of • Read More »

How to Write an Appealing Research Paper Abstract?

Composing a research paper and making it worthy of publication isn’t the same thing at all – there’s more than the eyes meet. Every segment of the paper holds certain significance’s of its own and the “Abstract” is more like • Read More »

A Writer’s Guide to a Powerful Research Paper Conclusion

A paper without a conclusion is identical as a story without ending – abrupt and mystifying. It is wise to end the research paper on a good note so that, it leaves a pertinent impression in reader’s mind. With this • Read More »