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How to Write That Perfect Research Paper?

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If you are in the final year of your college or university, you would probably be able to relate with this – research papers are a synonym for nightmares. A research paper is something that you have to write in the final semester of your college course. You have to spend hours studying, gathering up sources, citations, and whatnot.

The Dilemma of a Research Paper Writing

Writing a research paper is definitely not something a final year student welcomes. The final few months of your college are for much more than just burying your head in a pile, sitting anonymously in a library, and scribbling notes. There are festivals, events, memories to make, and of course, the final semester papers.

The biggest dilemma faced by the students is whether to study for the finals or to invest the precious time preparing the research paper (which contains a very small portion of marks, courtesy the cumulative grading system). Some of the students prefer to assign the work to a research paper writing service, whereas the others want to write it on their own. Everyone has priorities, right? Some just want to submit the thing and get the fair deal of marks. Others want to do it on their own and learn things that might help them in their respective careers.

If you consider yourself in the latter group, you should definitely finish reading this text, up to the very last sentence. Why? Because this post contains a few tricks of the trade, that is research paper writing. Here we have some basic dos and don’ts as well as some pro tips for you to stick to while attempting to complete your research paper.

Simple Steps to Get Your Research Paper Sorted

Let us first see the order in which you should work. This is because the amount of work that has to be done in order to write a research paper is massive, and if not planned out properly, it can be consequential in terms of time loss. That will be the last thing a final year student would want, right? So let us see how to get this done effectively and numerically:

1. Look for the Topic:

Start Looking

People have their own different ways of starting work on a research methodology. We are telling you about a method that solves two purposes – one, it will give you a a good research paper topic and two, it will save you time that you were going to waste looking for the title. How? Just take a very broad topic and start looking stuff up related to the topic. Doing this will not only make you more acquainted to the topic and study material but also land you with a great title for your project without having to waste your time in just deciding the titles.

2. Map the Paper:

Map the Paper

The next step after you have decided on the topic is getting the table of the contents in order. It needs for you to decide what all should suitably be in the table of contents and the order it should be in, according to the subject and the topic that you have chosen. The benefit of this – once you actually start on gathering the resources, you’ll have an idea of the requirements for the thesis statement of the research paper. This will save your time as well as allow you to find more and more quality content for your paper.

3. Gather the Resources:

Gather the resources

After you have the list prepared, you go shopping. In this step, you look for the valuable sources of information that will give you content for the research paper. You need to, very carefully, gather all the research paper help that you might need before you start to make the draft. This will buy even more time for you to make the draft properly because you already will have all the information that you need for the draft.

4. Draft and Redraft:

Draft and Redraft

After you have the entire arsenal in your bag, you can finally start to write your research paper. But writing a research paper outline once will just not suffice – you will have to revise and redo the draft to the point when it is absolutely free of any grammatical errors on the technical backgrounds. Once it sounds technical, you can call it the final draft and then that will become your research paper. Just arrange everything in order, and then your final draft is ready.

5. Proofread:


This is the most obvious step that you have to follow while writing a research paper. Linguistic errors are unacceptable in a research paper. You need to go through your final draft word by word, sentence by sentence, and find out where it is lacking on linguistic grounds. Also, ensure that there is 0% plagiarism in your paper, as you must be aware of the consequences of plagiarism. Once you are done with proofreading and editing, the manuscript that you’ll have can be termed as a research paper.

Dos and Don’ts

There are a few things that are not advisable while you’re writing a research proposal. For example – plagiarism, text infringement, fluffing up the content to make your research paper look thicker, etc. are not advised in your research paper.

Do not use a language that is very complicated for the reader to understand. That will result in the interest of the reader gradually fading. If the reader is your professor, you wouldn’t want that to happen, right? In order to avoid these common mistakes, you can seek help from reliable academic paper helper from PenMyPaper.

These were some tips and tricks that will help you get your research paper a good look and quality content, eventually landing you in the ‘good grade land’.

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