Social Media Strategy: Enhance your Marketing Plan


Digital marketing has gained significant popularity over the years, especially due to the massive increase in internet usage by people around the world. According to the reports of Statista, currently more than half of the world’s population has access to internet and this number is likely to increase further in the near future. This rise in internet penetration has presented potential opportunities for organizations to take advantage of digital marketing to reach out to their target audience more efficiently.

Digital marketing strategy can be segregated into various forms such as search engine ads, banner ads, social media marketing, classifieds, etc. PenMyPaper in this article has focused our attention on social media marketing and its usages and advantages for organizations. The bar graph shown here, clearly indicates that social media marketing strategies have gained in popularity among marketers, which is reflected in their digital advertisement spending. Learning about social media strategies can help you greatly in designing your own business plan and propose new advertisement strategies for your marketing essay.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

As of 2020, there are nearly 3.80 billion users actively using social media platforms to communicate, interact and share media content with their peers. As a result, it enables marketers to reach out a massive customer base. Granted that social media marketing strategy is not a mainstream marketing approach, but it can have a significant impact on the target audience. At present, some of the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and many more. Among them, Facebook is the most popular among the users, followed by YouTube and Instagram and Twitter. These are also the most commonly adopted social media platforms by marketers to advertise their products to the target audience.

Social media marketing is being adopted by small and big companies alike. Well-established brands like Nike, Dove, Sony, KFC, Dominos, etc. have adopted social media marketing strategies, along with their traditional marketing, to create a strong impact on the target audience. In the following section, the expert from our essay writing service for college has discussed why social media marketing strategies can be beneficial for an organization.

Why Social Media Marketing Strategy can be so Effective?

The success of social media marketing relies on that that it allows marketers to closely interact with the target audience. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be used by marketers to post brand relevant contents for the followers and interact with the audience through the comment section. This one-on-one interaction, which is lacking in the traditional marketing approach, makes social media marketing quite unique on its own. For instance, if you explore the strategic promotion of Starbucks you will get an idea of how well-communicative they are. The interaction with the audience makes it easier for the marketers to build a strong brand image. Moreover, the response and reaction of the audience towards the social media posts can also help the marketers to assess the degree of acceptance of the products in the market. Thus, social media platforms allow firms to build good relationship with their audience and customer base.

The importance of the social media marketing also lies in the ability to target specific customer groups. Targeted advertisement is the most critical feature of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. These platforms offer tools that allows the marketers to choose a particular group of audience based on their demography and personal preferences. In this case, it should be noted that targeting advertisement allows marketers to show advertisements to audiences who are most likely to prefer the product. This as a result increases the likelihood of their purchase.

Finally, it should be noted that social media marketing allows firms to have better control over their marketing budget. Social media platforms follow a pay per click and pay per impressions payment model for the advertisers. This as a result allows them to spend only as much as they want their brand to reach out to the intended audience. The pay per click model also makes it easier for the smaller companies with limited advertising budget to take the advantage of social media marketing.

These three key characteristics of social media marketing makes it one of the most attractive advertising media for marketers. While preparing for your professional essay writing, you should focus on these factors, to justify your choice of social media marketing.

How to Use Social Media Marketing to Your Advantage?

Now that we have a clear idea of what social media marketing strategy actually is and how it can be beneficial for firms, let us know take a close look at how it can be implemented for a chosen organization. Learning about the implementation of social media strategies can be quite useful in writing an MLA format essay paper for your college.

Set relevant goals: The first step for you is to set your marketing goals which is relevant for your chosen marketing mix. Different organizations will have different goals based on the nature of their business and of course their budget. For your social media marketing strategy, you need set goals for your target consumers, amount of exposure, advertising budget, etc. In simple words, this step helps you to determine what you want from social media platforms for your business.

Know your Audience: Next you need to understand the target audience that you are trying to reach out to. You need to perform a thorough research to figure out the demography, buying behavior, social interaction trends, social media usage and engagement. Your marketing strategy will depend on nature and characteristics of your audience and potential customers. For example, your communicational message and delivery will vary greatly if your target audience consists of young college students, rather than middle aged working professionals.

Data Driven Approach: Before you jump into social media marketing, you should first understand that the success of this marketing medium relies on its effective execution. The development of your marketing strategy should be data driven. First of all, you need figure out the certain keyword performances that are relevant to your brand. Then you need to design your content using those keywords which are most popularly used. Secondly, your social media advertising should be dynamic. You need to constantly monitor your key metrices that reflect the performance of your advertisement. Check out the number of new audiences that has interacted with your ad and also check if your target demographic group is interested in your ad. Based on these data, you should constantly redesign your marketing campaign.

Analyze Your Competition: Knowing what your rivals are doing is crucial to the success of your own marketing efforts. Check for the type of marketing communication your competitors have adopted. Find out the keywords that they are using for their advertising. There are various analytical tools available like SEMrush, that can help you figure out the digital marketing practices adopted by your rivals. It can also help you spot your key competitors that can pose threat to your business performance.

Create Engaging Content: Your advertisement content has to be engaging to the target audience. Use the data gathered from your previous research to understand the personal preferences of the target audience. This can greatly help you design your content that are curated to a specific group of people. Moreover, the content needs to follow a specific brand relevant theme, that can make it easier for the audience to relate the brand with the communicational message. A persuasive essay example mentioned that it is quite important for you to ensure that your content do not conflict with the values and beliefs of the audience, which can lead to brand rejection.

Regular Interaction: Just like any other marketing platform, it is important for you to constantly interreact with your audience at regular interval of time. You need to generate curated content regularly in order to maintain the interaction with your audience. This as a result creates a strong brand image among the audience and helps in creating a better brand presence in the market.

These six steps explained by our Essay Writer online can help you a great deal in preparing essays where you are devising new social media marketing strategy.  Just keep in mind that adopting social media strategy over any traditional marketing medium will not ensure your success. You need to implement it in the right manner. This social media marketing guide can be implemented for any social media platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Social media marketing strategy can also be adopted as a part of a company’s integrated marketing commutation (IMC) program, in order to achieve much better marketing exposure. Social media marketing can be combined with other forms of digital marketing as well, such as search engine ads, banner ads, etc.

Let's Sum it Up

Before you consider buying an essay, let us look at what we have learnt from this article. The social media marketing is one of the most commonly used digital marketing strategies among marketers. Some of the key characteristics of social media marketing are, ability to closely interact with the audience, targeted advertising, granular control over advertising budget. These characteristics have made social media marketing so much attractive among firms. However, the success of your social media marketing strategy is going to depend on how you have implemented it on your chosen organization. We have covered six key steps for effective implementation of your social media marketing strategy, which are: relevant goal setting, knowing the target audience, taking data driven approach, knowing the competition, creating engaging content and regularly interacting with the audience. Hope this article can help you in preparing for your college assignment.

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