Disney Mission Statement: Learn All About It

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The Walt Disney Company (commonly called Disney) is a well-established entertainment company which operates in a global scale. The business venture of the company is segregated into four divisions: media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, and direct to consumer and international. Needless to say, that company has expanded from being a small animated film production company back in 1923 to a massive conglomerate with multiple business ventures. As of 2019, the company has earned USD 69.57 billion in revenue, which is a significant increase over the past years. The diversification of the company into other related ventures such as parks and resorts, and consumer products has enabled the company to create a strong brand image and to establish new sources of revenue. The success of the company has made Disney a subject of study among business management students. In this article, our paper writer has elaborated on the Disney mission statement and have made an analysis so that you can get a clear understanding of its true meaning.

Disney Mission Statement

The mission statement of an organization highlights its short-term objectives. It allows the stakeholders to understand where the company is headed and what it wants to achieve in the near future. According to Disney, its mission statement is “to entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, reflecting the iconic brands, creative minds and innovative technologies that make ours the world’s premier entertainment company.”

Disney has always been an entertainment company, which is deeply committed to “entertain, inform and inspire” people. The media networks and studio entertainment divisions are responsible for creating and distributing media content across a wide range of mediums. The contents are focused solely on entertaining, informing and inspiring the audience. Disney is known for its focus on the younger audience, with its animated and live action titles. However, it also caters to a much wider demography, by creating content that can appeal to both younger and mature audiences alike.

Disney seeks to create a strong differentiation by creating content which showcases “the power of unparalleled storytelling.” The company focuses on developing entertainment contents such as movies and series, which ensures that it can connect to the audience at a much deeper level. The company works with some of the most talented individuals in the industry to create content that can have a lasting impact on the audience.

Disney mission statement also highlights the importance of its iconic brands in entertaining people. The company owns some of the most iconic brands in the entertainment industry such as ESPN, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, among many others. Each of these brands help Disney to create a strong competitive advantage in the industry. When you write papers on Disney mission statement, it should be noted that the company wants to become the “premier entertainment company,” which means it wants to become the market leader in entertainment. In order to achieve that Disney invests heavily in adopting new technologies that makes their content more appealing to the audience. Disney’s investment in technological developments have allowed the company to create more value for its customers, in each of the four divisions. Implementing new technologies have enabled the company to create even stronger differentiation, thus attracting more customers.

Disney has also invested in developing its own streaming platform called Disney Plus, which the latest addition to its business portfolio. The company is also constantly acquiring new production studios, copyrights and trademarks. The acquisition of Marvel by Disney is often considered as one of the biggest power-moves in the industry.

When you write a paper on Disney, you should first understand that the company wants to become the market leader in entertainment. It has already expanded its reach in almost every domain in entertainment industry. Its pursuit to become the premier entertainment company has driven Disney to constantly expand its ventures. Over the years, the company has a lot of strategic acquisitions, that have led the firm to become one the largest entertainment company. As a part of its mission, the company wants to strengthen its position further by developing entertainment services and products using new technologies and creative thinking. The company has always been focused on generating more value for its stakeholders, while keeping its business sustainable. Moreover, the company has sought expansion in every business unit under its operation, and not just the most profitable one. In the recent past, Disney has acquired more companies under its Networks division; Developed more projects under its parks and resorts division; acquired more production houses under Studio Entertainment and developed new streaming portals under its direct to consumer and international division.

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Let's Sum it Up

Let us now recapitulate on what we have learned about Disney mission statement so that you don’t have to buy research papers. Disney is one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world which best known for its creative titles targeted at the younger audience. The mission of the company is to entertain, informand inspire people through their unmatched storytelling. Disney wants to the become the market leader in entertainment by leveraging advanced technologies and creative minds. In order to become the premier entertainment company, Disney has invested heavily in acquiring some of the most premium brands in entertainment, such as Marvel, Star Wars, etc. This has allowed the company to further strengthen its competitive advantage by offering more appealing value for the customers. In the near future, the company wants to expand its business further in every operating division, in order become the truly premier entertainment company.

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