Amazon Mission Statement and Vision Statement

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Amazon is online retail giant, which operated in multiple international locations. The company started its business in the e-commerce sector, and has eventually diversified intovarious business sectors, such as cloud computing, media streaming, etc., and is likely to expand further in potential markets and industries, or create new innovations to maximize stakeholders’ value. In this From the academic standpoint, this article can be really helpful for anyone who is writing my essay on Amazon. It also sheds some light on how the company seeks to achieve business growth and sustenance in the steep competitive environment.

Mission Statement of Amazon

The mission statement of an organization highlights the short-term goals. These are objectives that are clearly measurable and can be achieved by utilizing the current resources of the company. The mission statements can also be considered as the strategic compass that keep the organization in the right path. It ensures that all the employees are clearly aware of the direction in which the company is heading, which is also reflected in their own daily activities.

In case of Amazon, the mission statement of the company is, “to continually raise the bar of the customer experience by using the internet and technology to help consumers find, discover and buy anything, and empower businesses and content creators to maximize their success.”

Let us now break this down so that you can use it as a case study for your assignments. According to the mission statement, Amazon continuously thrives to offer better experience for its customers, by improving their operational processes and adopting new technologies and tools. In order to “raise the bar of the customer experience”, Amazon needs to deliver services that have not been offered by any other market players. Amazon recognizes the fact that their business model is not inimitable and in fact a lot of other e-commerce platforms also follow the same model. However, in order to create a strong differentiation, the company has focused on creating a strong brand equity, by offering the best possible e-commerce service to the customers. In order to achieve differentiation through service quality, the company has adopted advanced technologies and innovative processes, that can maximize customer’s value. “By using internet and technology” the company has been able to improve the overall experience of the customers. The Prime delivery services offered by Amazon allows the customers to receive their deliveries in the shortest possible time of 24 hours or less. This has been made possible by automating the warehouse management processes and increasing the number of distribution centers in the target market.

The mission statement of the company also highlights that Amazon “empower businesses.”It should be noted that the company not only wants to become the best e-commerce platform customers, but it also wants to become the best online marketplace for empowering the businesses of other third-party sellers. The firm allows third party sellers to sell their own products to the massive customer base of Amazon. This as a result brings thousands of sellers close to their potential customers through the Amazon platform. Thus, the mission of Amazon is to improve customer experiment in every way possible and to bring long term development in the industry.

A close look at the mission statement of Amazon, indicates that it is highly specific in term of their goals and objectives. These are the objectives that the company is currently working on and is reflected on their marketing strategy and their operational activities.

Vision Statement of Amazon

The vision statement of a company refers to the long-term goals, that the company wants to achieve in the future. These are typically not as specific as the mission statement and often present a very crude idea of what the company wants to achieve. In case of Amazon, the vision statement of the company is: “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.”

​Let our instant assignment help break this statement down to make it more comprehensible for you. The first thing that the company has mentioned in their vision statement is “to be earth’s most customer centric company.”This highlights the long-standing commitment of Amazon towards its customers. The company is not just focused on creating new products and services, but it pays more attention on how those products and services can be beneficial to the customers for creating value. The vision of the company is to maintainits customer centric approach of its business venture and to eventually become the most customer centric retailer in the world.

The vision statement of the company has also mentioned that the customers should be able to “find and discover anything they might want to buy.” This indicates that Amazon wants to become the one stop destination for every shopping needs of its customers. This statement is aligned with the existing business strategies of the company. A close look at the operations management of Amazon indicates that the company takes the advantage of the long tail inventory approach, which allows it to sell a much larger variety of products, than any other retailers. Moreover, allowing third party sellers to sell their own products in the platform has also expanded the product catalogue of Amazon, thus being able to cater to a much wider variety of customer needs.

Thus, the vision of the company is to become a one-stop destination for customers, to sell every product possible under one roof and to give the customers the best possible experience. it should be noted that Amazon is quite dedicated in pursuing its vision. In order further improve customer experience, Amazon is investing heavily on new technologies, such as drone-based delivery system. The company wants to shorten the delivery time to a matter of minutes, thereby offering great value to the customers.

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