Importance of managerial accounting

Managerial accounting involves the use and provisions of finance and accounting information that are required by the managers, accountants and auditors in an organization. It allows them to take necessary decision regarding the financial aspects of the firm. It also assists them to get acquainted with the management control functions which prevent them from taking any wrong decision which may harm the operations of the company. This paper covers three key objectives which are establishing the role of research in evaluating managerial accounting, evaluating the extent of managerial accounting and finally the evaluating the future of managerial accounting.

  • Type: Research Paper
  • Domain: Finance And Accounting
  • Citation: MLA
  • Words: 1500

Analysis of merger and acquistion activities

Merger and acquisition are essential strategic moves for firms to expand its business operations and achieve higher market share. The report intends to reflect on the issues associated with the merger and acquisition. The major factors responsible for merger and acquisition have been pointed out in this report. In addition, the benefits of obtained through merger and acquisition activities have also been discussed in the report. It has been identified that acquiring economics of scale, elimination of the inefficiencies is some of the major advantages procured by the businesses through merger and acquisition.

  • Type: Report
  • Domain: Finance And Accounting
  • Citation: Harvard
  • Words: 1500

Appliaction of CAPM model: a case study on utility industry

The (CAPM) Capital Asset Pricing Model specifies that expected return on a particular stock is developed by considering the risk premium and risk-free interest rate. This model depicts the strong association between excess return and market return. Here it is evident that investors are concerned about accessing the excess return, which they will receive after taking into account the risk-free return. A comparative study suggests that Fama French model is relevant enough to properly conduct evaluation, but more emphasis is put on Sharpe model, since it depicts the exact relation between return and risk of market and the portfolios.

  • Type: Coursework
  • Domain: Finance And Accounting
  • Citation: Harvard
  • Words: 2000

Cuases of global financial crisis

The global financial crisis of 2007 has been considered as worst financial crisis and is often compared to the Great Depression of 1930. This report has critically discussed the major factors responsible for the global financial crisis occurred in the year 2007. Role of auditors and stakeholders in the financial crisis have been identified in the report. The discussion of the report has revealed that irresponsible attitude of the auditors are the major factors responsible for the financial crisis. Failure to interpret the financial performance of the companies in a proper way has resulted in major financial distress for the firms.

  • Type: Report
  • Domain: Finance And Accounting
  • Citation: Harvard
  • Words: 2500

Principles of Basic accounting

This assignment deals with the different tasks related to the basic finance and accounting. Preparation of cash book, sales day book, purchase day book and others have been demonstrated in this assignment. In addition, inclusion of the additional company information, trial balance and profit and loss statement have also been shown in the assignment.

  • Type: Assignment
  • Domain: Finance And Accounting
  • Citation: Harvard
  • Words: 1750

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