What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Organizations are constantly looking for new ways to achieve stronger competitive advantage by differentiating themselves from other market players. This differentiation can be achieved through by offering very unique products with inimitable value offering or by creating positive customer experience. Customer experience plays a crucialrole in determining the long-term success of a company. PenMyPaper professionals say that a positive experience with a brand, can lead to customer loyalty and new customer acquisition, which can eventually contribute to the revenue generation of the company.

Customer journey map is often used by firms to enhance the customer experience so that it can help create a stronger competitive advantage. In this article, we have discussed about customer journey mapping and how it plays an important role being organizational success. We have also discussed how the concept can be applied in any organization of your choice so that you can incorporate it in your essay writing. However, if you're still struggling with any marketing or commerce essay topics, or need additional assistance, you can hire an essay writer for me from a reputable online writing service to ensure that your paper is of high quality and meets the necessary academic standards.

Customer Journey Mapping

A customer journey map is defined as a diagrammatic representation of the steps that the customers go through while engaging with a company in any possible manner. It should be noted that customer engagement or interaction can take place through purchase of a product or service, online experience, a physical retail experience, or a combination of these. In simple words, any point of interaction between a customer and a brand can be considered as a potential point of engagement and can be used to augment the customers’ experience.

Every business organization engages with its customers in one way or the other, through various points of engagement, also known as customer touchpoints. For your college essay, you should keep in mind that these touchpoints can vary significantly from one company to another depending on their business model or marketing mix strategies. For example, a customer visiting a hair salon will interact with a different set of touchpoints than a customer visiting a Starbucks for a cup of coffee. Customer journey mapping simply allows a company to identify these touch points and determine the pathway which connects these points. In simple words, the journey map helps in defining which touchpoints the customer engages with, how they engage with them and in which order.

Advantages of Customer Journey Mapping

Now that we have clear idea of what customer journey mapping, let us now look at the key advantages of implementing it in an organization. As mentioned earlier, a journey map allows a firm to identify pathway that a customer takes through different touchpoints while interacting with the brand. The following points highlights the core benefits of customer journey mapping:

  • It presents a bird’s eye view of the entire customer journey
  • Easily identify issues such as bottlenecks or poor experience points in the journey path.
  • Allows a firm to focus on specific areas of the journey path which is causing issues.
  • Allows for faster reaction to any identified problems.
  • Companies can improve individual touchpoints in specific channels.
  • Easily prioritize actions based on their impact on customer experience.

It is quite clear that a journey map provides concise information about customers and how they are interacting with a brand, allowing a company to take the necessary actions to improve the overall experience during such interaction. It is quite opposite to that of writing a list of Uber competitors, where you focus on their rivals rather than their customer performance. The expert from our Assignment Writing Service has discussed how we can develop customer journey map in the following paragraph.

Developing a Customer Journey Map


The customer journey map highlights the potential pathway taken by a customer while interacting with a brand. Some of the major touchpoints are purchasing, placing order, and enquiring. Since, these are contact points between the business and the customers, therefore it can include anything in between traditional advertisements to posting feedback on social media. Here are key steps that can be used to create an effective customer journey map for your college research paper outline.

1. Defining Personas

Personas refer to the key behavioral traits of a specific customer group. These traits largely determine how a customer is likely to respond to a particular touchpoint. It also determines the needs and preferences of the customers. In this stage you need to identify your target customers based on their personas, this will help you to understand whose journey map are you creating.

2. Defining Customer Phases

The customer phases refer to the goals that the customers want to achieve throughout the entire journey pathway. These are represented by phases or stages, which will vary significantly from one company to another depending on their business model. For example, a set of customer phases may include searching for product information, visiting store to check the product, making a quick purchase without waiting, etc.

3. Identifying Touchpoint

In this step, you need to identify the key touchpoints that your customers are likely to interact with. Since, touchpoints can vary greatly from one company to another, therefore you need to identify the ones which are specific to your business venture. Each touch points will lead to different experiences or feelings for the customers.

4. Determining Customer Experience

A company needs to find out about the customer experiences for individual touchpoints. For example, customers may be delighted with the store décor while entering an outlet, however may feel perplexed by the lack of proper product arrangement, when browsing through the aisles. Each of these experiences associated with different touchpoints needs to categorized based on their importance and impact on the overall impression of the customers.

5. Determining Conflicts

In the previous step you have already highlighted the experiences of the customers associated with each touchpoint. In this step, you need to identify the negative experience inducing touchpoints. You have to find you where the customers are dissatisfied. This can be achieved by categorizing the touchpoints and prioritizing based on the severity of impact on the overall customer satisfaction.

6. Resolve Identified Conflicts

The company needs to take necessary actions to resolve the issues that have been identified in the previous step. The most concerning and impactful issue should be resolved first, while moving down to others with lesser impact on customer satisfaction.

7. Review and Re-map

Review the entire process, to find out the areas which can be improved in the future for faster resolution. Customer journey mapping should be conducted at regular interval of time, in order to gradually improve every aspect of customer experience. It can also help an organization to find out new ways to improve customer engagement and discover new touchpoints that can be used to improve brand exposure and satisfaction.

Summarizing What we Learnt

Customer journey mapping allows a company to identify key point of interaction between the customer and the company and use them to augment the overall experience of the customers. The key advantage of using a customer journey map is that it provides a bird’s eye view of the customer journey and allows the company to easily identify the areas that needs improvement. To write an effective customer journey mapping essay, you need to have a thorough understanding of the customer's needs and preferences, as well as the various touchpoints in their journey. The seven key steps discussed above will help you implement customer journey mapping effectively. If you're still struggling with this, you can pay for essay writer services to get expert guidance and improve the quality of your paper.

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