Some Compelling Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay

According to PenMyPaper, writing a compare and contrast essay can be pretty interesting for most of the students as here they get the freedom to show their creativity. It is much more fun to craft this piece of writing than writing any dissertation as it allows expression of thoughts on any issues, especially those that are contradictory. The best part of these essays is that instead of describing only the contrasting elements, you also discuss the similarities between them.

In spite of all these, it does not mean that writing a compare and contrast essay is too easy a task. For writing an engaging essay, it is important to choose an interesting topic for a compare and contrast essay.

Selecting an excellent essay topic to write the perfect essay can be daunting as well as time-consuming. So, go through this blog to get impressive ideas on how to choose the best topic for compare and contrast essay.

Sources that can be Used for Choosing Topics for Comparison and Contrast Essay

Well, writing a compare and contrast essay requires both attention as well as creativity. As here not only the writer is responsible for comparing two familiar yet different things or persons or activities or events objectively but also they should point out the contrasting elements between the two. 

Before writing your essay outline, students need to do research work on the given topics by using both primary as well as secondary sources. Make sure that whatever sources you are using for research work are credible as well as relevant. Some of the reliable sources that you can use for selecting your topic for compare and contrast essay or commerce essay topics are as follows:

  • Books
  • Documentaries
  • Newspapers
  • Official Reports
  • Academic Journals
  • Textbooks
  • Scientific Magazines
  • Social Media
  • Internet

You have the freedom to explore all these sources to get ideas and inspiration for writing a good compare and contrast essay.

Some Interesting Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay

Before you proceed to write my essay, it is significant for you to select a topic for compare and contrast essay. Here our PenMyPaper experts have categorized the topics under different sections. This will ease your task of choosing the right topic for your essay.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for University Students

  • Discuss the differences and similarities between SAT and TOEFL
  • Remote Learning or Traditional Education: Which one is better?
  • Essay vs. Research paper: Which one is more responsible?
  • How Ph.D. is different from that of a Master’s degree?
  • French vs. Spanish language classes
  • A perfect summer vacation: Expectation vs. Reality
  • Is Argumentative and Persuasive Paper the same or different?
  • Major Differences between British and American English
  • Who enjoys most of their life: Unemployed Students or Students who work?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for High School Students

  • How is traveling in a plane is different from that of traveling in a car?
  • Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs
  • Queen Victoria vs. Queen Elizabeth I
  • Pop Music vs. Hard Rock
  • Yoga or Gym: Which gives more strength and fitness to your body?
  • Bollywood vs. Hollywood
  • Homeschooling vs. Boarding schools
  • Arts vs. Science: Which has more viability in the job market?

Political and Historical Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • UK Prime Minister vs. US President
  • Discuss the difference or similarities between Nazism and Fascism
  • Difference between World War I and World War II
  • Quran and Bible: Discuss the difference in teachings between them
  • Boko Haram vs. Al Qaeda: Are there any differences between them?
  • Communism vs. Capitalism: Which one is superior?
  • Friedrich Hegel vs Karl Marx: Which leader makes the most impact?
  • Discuss the difference in governance between Western and African government
  • Are Greek gods real or not?
  • Discuss the difference in power between the Monarch of England and US president

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Related to IT and Social Media

  • Windows vs. iOS: Discuss the similarities as well as differences between them
  • Twitter vs. Facebook: Which one is better?
  • Traditional marketing vs. Online Marketing: Which yields more results?
  • Forbes vs. New York Times: Which one to choose between the two?
  • Real-Life Relations vs. Online Dating: Which one is more preferable than the other?
  • Traditional Advertising vs. Online Advertising: Which proves more beneficial for Marketing specialists?
  • Looking for a job online or through traditional methods: Which seems more convenient?
  • MySpace or Facebook: Which social network offers more opportunities?
  • Paper Mailing or Online Email: Which has a space in the future?
  • Websites or Blogs: Which one is more profitable?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Beginners

  • How lifestyle changes while living in poverty and while becoming rich
  • How feeling lonely is different from that of feeling sad?
  • Staying in a village vs. Living in a Big City
  • Similarities and Differences between British and American Traditional Dishes
  • Compare and Contrast between the Advantages of both Day time and Nighttime
  • Resting by the Sea vs. Camping in the Woods

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Related to Science

  • Consequences of Tsunami vs. Consequences of Earthquakes: Which one is worst?
  • Da Vinci vs. Thomas Jefferson: Whose innovations matters the most?
  • First visit to Moon vs. the Second visit: Discuss the similarities as well as dissimilarities
  • How Mars is different from that of Earth?
  • How Science and Technology are interdependent on each other?
  • Nuclear Energy vs. Fossil Energy
  • Tornadoes vs. Hurricanes
  • How biology is different from that of chemistry?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Related to Literature

  • Fiction vs. Non-fiction: Which is more preferable by the readers?
  • Persuasive Writing vs. Expository Writing
  • Jane Austen vs. Bronte Sisters
  • I am Malala vs. Anne Frank’s Diary
  • Discuss the never-ending battle between paper books and E-books
  • Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter
  • Paradise Lost vs. Divine Comedy
  • What makes poetry different from that of prose?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Related to Movies and Cinematography

  • State the similarities and dissimilarities between normal and 3D screening
  • Superman vs. Batman: Who is the true hero of the world?
  • Voldemort vs. Dumbledore: Which character represents more strength?
  • The Greatest Showman vs. Les Miserables (2012)
  • Compare and contrast between Romeo and Juliet productions of 1968 and 2013
  • Great Gatsby vs. Wolf of Wall Street
  • Thriller movies or Horror films: Which causes more excitement?
  • State the similarities and dissimilarities between the old series and the new episodes of Sherlock Holmes
  • Home Alone 1 vs. Home Alone 4
  • Mr. Bean or Charlie Chaplin: Who is better in the role of a comedian?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Related to Music and Arts

  • Michael Jackson vs. Prince: Who is the hero of pop music?
  • Recording of a concert or Live Concert: Which one is more enjoyable?
  • Opera vs. Ballet
  • State the similarities and dissimilarities between musical theatre and playing with music
  • How secular songs are different from that of religious hymns?
  • Asian Art vs. African Art
  • Classical Music or Jazz: Which one is more preferable nowadays?
  • Spotify or Deezer
  • Madonna vs. Britney Spears
  • Rihanna vs. Beyonce
  • Rock music of the 20th Century vs. that of today.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Teenagers

  • Instagram vs. Snapchat: Which one is better?
  • Watching a movie at home vs. Going out for a movie
  • Watching or Reading: Which one is more influential?
  • TV shows vs. Comic books: Which attracts your attention?
  • Waking up late vs. Waking up early
  • Public school vs. Private schools: Discuss in terms of advantages
  • Consuming healthy meals vs. Eating fast food
  • Kickboxing vs. Judo: Which one is more aggressive?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Related to Religion

  • The Religious States vs. the Secular States
  • Buddha vs. Jesus Christ
  • Christianity vs. Judaism
  • The difference in the celebration of Christmas in Muslim countries to that of Orthodox Christmas
  • Major differences between Catholicism and Protestantism
  • Mahayana Buddhism vs. Theravada Buddhism
  • How the End of the World is interpreted in different religions?
  • Compare some world’s nations based on their religion
  • How the customs and traditions followed in different churches are different from each other?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Related to Culture

  • Film Buffs vs. Bookworms
  • How is Culture different from that of Ethnicity?
  • How Gothic culture is different from that of Emo culture?
  • Ruralism vs. Urbanism
  • How Modern American culture is different from that of Modern European culture?
  • Mesopotamian Civilization vs. Egyptian Civilization
  • Pescetarianism vs. Vegetarianism
  • How Christianity is different from Islam?
  • How Indian culture is different from that of Western culture?

Some Funny Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay

  • Eternal Winter or Eternal Summer: Which is the least of all evils?
  • Avengers vs. Justice League
  • Hulk or Iron Man: Who is the best superhero of all time?
  • Superman vs. Batman
  • Ronald Weasley or Harry Potter: How is one of them is way cooler than the other?
  • If you were given a choice to live the rest of your life on anyone’s food, then which one you will choose among Pizza and Pasta?
  • Football vs. Soccer: Which one is more interesting?
  • Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Related to Philosophy

  • Roman Philosophers vs. Greek Philosophers
  • Discuss the different philosophical views related to Life and Death
  • How are philosophers different from that of historians?
  • Discuss the difference of line drawn between good vs. evil
  • Physical Needs vs. Mental requirements of Human beings
  • Living in Reality vs. Living in your Dreams
  • Do dogs and humans have more similarities between them than we think?
  • Philosophical Ideas discussed in the Macbeth vs. those discussed in the Hamlet

Hope that the above list of topics for compare and contrast essay will be helpful for students in choosing one for them. But if you still find it a tricky task to do, then ask for online essay writers of PenMyPaper. We can help you with the most complex assignments as well such as how to conduct an internal audit, company analysis, market analysis etc.

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