Top 50 Ideas of Research Paper Topics for Marketing 2018

research paper topics

Searching for a research topic may often become quite challenging for you, as a student. There are numerous things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a great research topic, such as its relevance in terms of contemporary application, its connection with the previous research works, the nature of the research question, etc. Similarly, you will also have to make sure that the topic is highly streamlined towards a particular problem that you will be involving in your research analysis to write any paper hassle-free and quickly.

Even if you have managed to choose a research topic for yourself, you have to get it approved from your institution by providing them with a Research Proposal. The approval is often subjected to how convincing you are at justifying the relevance of your chosen topic and how minutely you have maintained the APA format, MLA format, or other respective formats to stay authentic and discrete. So, it is highly crucial for you to choose the right research subject, probably best if covering strong debatable topics.

Our years of experience in quality essay writing services for students have allowed us to underpin the top 50 perfect research paper topics for you, so you don’t have to waste your precious time scouring the internet. So before you delve into the nooks and corners of preparing a research paper, take a look at the extensive list of enormous research topics.

Marketing Management

  1. Digital Marketing Techniques used by Businesses Are Effective Enough to Increase Their Popularity of Smartphone Segment
  2. Abandonment of e-shopping Cart in Ecommerce
  3. The Influence and Prospect of Online Shopping in China
  4. International Market Entry – Case of Starbucks
  5. The implications that rapid development of China’s aviation industry has for Chinese airlines and EU airlines.
  6. Understanding the impact of celebrity endorsements on ROI for CPG brands.
  7. Is centralized global marketing a good idea for brand health in local markets?
  8. How is augmented reality going to enhance marketing experiences?
  9. Are Automated Service Interactions more effective in retaining existing customers and attracting new ones?
  10. How can various emerging technologies, including the Internet of Things, smart devices, or wearables, be integrated with automated service interactions to create optimal value?

Consumer Behavior

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility in Ukrainian Oil and Gas Industry and its impacts on consumer behavior and loyalty: Case study of Naftogas.
  2. The Role of Social Media in the Promotion of the event ‘German Christmas Markets’.
  3. Impacts of e-service quality on customer loyalty: An empirical study of UK internet grocery market.
  4. Effect of Non-Financial Rewards on Employee’s motivation: An Empirical Study of China Mobile Communications Corporation
  5. Social Media Influences the Travelling Decision of Chinese International Students in the UK.
  6. How to Implement Efficiency e-CRM.
  7. Understanding qualitative research techniques in Consumer Buying Behavior.
  8. How do brands exploit impulsive buying?
  9. The role of information technology in revolutionizing marketer’s approach towards manipulative advertisement.
  10. Impact of e-marketing on influencing consumer purchase decision: case of UK luxury industry.

Financial Management

  1. Role of Capital structure in improving the firm performance: an exploratory study on UK manufacturing firms.
  2. A study of UK investors’ attitudes and perceptions towards investing in emerging markets.
  3. The evolution and implementation of investment banking in emerging markets.
  4. How does European financial supervision affect cross-border financial investment?
  5. What is the impact of foreign direct investment on emerging economies?
  6. Assessing the factors that promote foreign direct investment in Asian economies – the case of India.
  7. The challenges of financial institutions in emerging economies.
  8. A study into the impact of multinational trade agreements on the growth of emerging economies: The case of Russia.
  9. Cryptocurrency: Is it a viable alternative to high-risk/high-return investment?
  10. Assessing the impact of BREXIT on UK financial institutions.
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Human Resource Management

  1. Promoting Creativity in Organization: A Case Study of Asian Kindergarten
  2. Impact of Gender on Business Start-ups
  3. Role of CSR: A Case study of Nike
  4. The Role of Leadership and Culture in Organizational Change.
  5. How online digital platforms have helped organizations in recruiting effectively and efficiently.
  6. Analyzing the factors which directly impact employee’s personal decision to leave employment.
  7. Investigating the efficacy of performance appraisal from the perception of employees in UK retail industry.
  8. To investigate the role of motivation in HRM – A study highlighting the most important motivation factors for future business leaders.
  9. The effect of performance management for large and diversified business organizations.
  10. The role of organizational support programs to enhance work outcome and employees’ behavior.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

  1. Quality Management in Engineering and Technology Based Organizations.
  2. Impact of Just-in-time (JIT) inventory on improving supply chain efficiency of large retail outlets.
  3. Analyzing the pros and cons of outsourcing logistic operation activities in the construction industry of UK.
  4. Analyzing the impact of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in improvising business operations of Multinational Companies.
  5. The Impact of Latest Technological Developments on Inventory Management Systems; A case of UK’s manufacturing Industry.
  6. The role of ICT in Supply Chain Management.
  7. Impact of Information Technology on Supply Chain Management.
  8. Total Quality Management as a Competitive Advantage; A case study of UK’s Manufacturing industry.
  9. An investigative analysis of the trends and challenges in supply chains- impact of globalization and the digital revolution.
  10. An overview of inherent risks in logistics management and the strategies to minimize them.

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