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How To Outline The Components Of Research Proposal – 8 Tips

research proposal

Research proposals are deadly as here you have to deal with critical topics, research methodology, deep-rooted analysis and more. Above all, the most critical responsibility is composing the paper. As you know, research proposal outline is the first step towards an impeccable research paper. Till your proposal is accepted well enough, you cannot start working on your main document. So, ensure the first-draft is perfect in every aspect.

It’s even more difficult for those who don’t know how to write a research paper. Well, you can escape these anxieties and stresses if you find the road to successful writing.

Deadlines dare you to neglect the first draft – let it not happen

Research Proposal Outline: 8 Smart-Tips

Following are the integral elements of a research proposal. Put the light on each of the headings and subheadings, mentioned here, in order to achieve the best result. Spend moments with the embedded tips so that you can envision the ideal ways of composing each of the sections.

Make The Introduction Interesting

Technically, this is the beginning of your research paper if you keep the title page out of this. Like a good book, develop an interesting research paper introduction. Your content must trigger a reader’s curiosity and want them to read further discussions on that topic.

  • Generate reader’s curiosity towards your paper
  • Lay the foundation of the problem in a broader aspect
  • Tell why you have opted for this topic of analysis
  • Relate your study with the larger perspective of scholarly literature
  • Decide your target audience and reach out to them

First, Decide The “Problem Statement (Thesis)”

A smart way of writing suggests building a good research proposal before delving into introduction, body, and conclusion. It helps in deciding the course of composition and helps the writer to be on track.

  • Highlight the basis of your study
  • Point to the gap that exists in the literature
  • Place it in context to the present scenario

Dedicate A Section for the Research Objectives

Having a goal motivates one to keep going. Similarly, research objectives give a specific direction to your research and let the audience understand the basis of your work.

  • Refer to the purpose of your study
  • Briefly define the particular corner of research
  • Foreshadow the proposal to be tested
  • Incorporate the rationale for further discussion

Never Miss Out with the “Literature Review”

Apprehending how to compose a perfect literature review is very much important in a research proposal outline. Professors do look for this section and evaluate accordingly.

  • Share the other research reports that closely relate to yours
  • Address the ongoing dialogue in a larger literature about a topic
  • Draw a framework to establish the significance of your study
  • Frame the issue that you have already stated (in other words)

Expound on “Research Methodology and Design”

All your efforts behind the research must be mentioned in a research proposal. The purpose of this section is to provide the professors and readers with an insight into your adopted research methodology and research techniques.

  • Mention the methodological steps in your study
  • Reveal the samples, their types, and instrumentation
  • Indicate the techniques of data collection
  • Name all the confounding variables (ones that you want to randomize and the others that you want to control)
  • Anticipate and highlight the potential sources of error

Find The “Limitations and Delimitation” During Research

Pointing to the potential weaknesses of your research and restrictions in terms of scope are compulsory. This part is considered crucial as it serves the purpose of evidence of your analysis. Limit your delimitations to a certain point that readers may expect you to consider but you have chosen the otherwise with proper explanations.

  • Write about the threats to internal validity that are impossible to avoid or minimize with proper explanation
  • Explicate the strict boundaries in your study and enlighten which of the aspects you have dropped during research and why.

In case, you fail to find the limitations during research, then you can better take customized assignment help.

Always Conclude with the “Significance of Science”

Pragmatic descriptions are good for impressive research paper conclusion. Indicate how your investigation and analysis will refine the field of your research. Further, highlight how it will extend the existing realm of knowledge substantively, theoretically, and methodologically. Your study must relate to both the groups of audience – professional peers and practitioners.

  • Indicate how the results from your research signify the theoretical framework that you have used to frame your study
  • Suggest the scopes of further research subsequent to your findings
  • Mention how the results will help the practicing educator by contributing solutions to the potential educational problems
  • Give hints on the expected influences of your results on educational policy, the feasible dimensions of its implementations and impending innovations

Credit All the Major and Minor Sources In “References”

Depending on the university guidelines, decide whether you have to form annotated bibliography (list of sources accompanied by an abstract or brief description) or normal reference list.

  • Decide the referencing style considering the committee guidelines or discipline. If nothing is mentioned, go for the default APA referencing style.
  • Reference all the sources irrespective of its small or big contribution
  • Also, mention those sources that have been cited through in-text citation
  • Limit the number of references only if it is mentioned by the university

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