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The Number of Full Time MBA Aspirants shows Marked Increase

Management Admission

The GMAC, the abbreviation of the Graduate Management Admission Council recently made the findings of the Application Trends Survey, conducted in 2015. The figures reveal that there was an increase in the number of applications for most of the MBA programs that require full-time study irrespective of the one-year or two-year format when compared to 2014 and a decade back. Check out how the statements are reflecting the increment of social welfare strategies among the MBA students.

The Details of the Study

The two-year programs for full-time MBAs witnessed 57% increase in terms of the volume of applications in the current year. The trend is echoed in the findings of single year programs too, with 51% of MBA programs reporting an increase in the volume of applications. This is contrasted by 37% of one-year MBA programs reporting an increase in application volume in the previous year.

Both formats are also outperforming the numbers recorded by two year and one-year programs ten years back with the figures stating that 60% and 53% respectively reported receiving more applications in the present year than that in 2005. Domestic candidates still do not form the overwhelming majority of MBA with the numbers at 45% in the year 2015.

The MBA still figures high on the list of aspirations for students as they show high investment returns consistently not only in terms of money, but personal fulfillment and job satisfaction as well. The majority of 59% also report growth in domestic applications year-on-year, the highest since 2009.

Through the research, we can only say that the 17-year-old working for NASA while keeping MBA aspirations is not really shocking, as we can already witness the lightning speed of the world moving. So apart from grasping the MBA aspects, make sure you’re attending the MBA events that are purposeful for your studies.

Towards Gender Equality

An interesting aspect that emerged out of the report reveals that women’s representations in the pool of applicants have seen an increase that ranges from 3 to 8 percentage points over the last five years irrespective of the types of programs. In fact, the program of Master of Accounting continued to witness female dominance in terms of representation at 57%.

The concentrated efforts of business schools to enlist more women in the student pool are bearing fruit. In case you are having difficulty in pursuing MBA, it’s high time that you gear up your skills by contacting an expert paper writer and adopt his/his writing skills.

To Sum It up

Notwithstanding the threats posed by online MBAs, full-time programs of both the one-year and two-year formats continued to witness the encouraging increase in the number of aspirants and that bodes well for the future managers and business schools alike. It seems great how the transition has elevated the standard of hobbies of the management students.

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