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The Best Place to Start Leading is From… The Middle

These days’ people start talking about leadership like it is a corporate crisis. It seems like the exit of a baby boomer leaves a huge gap in the field and there is no new leader in the aspiring young workforce equipped with ample wisdom to follow suit.

Here is the truth though – we have more of a semantic problem rather than an organizational problem or a leadership problem. The main issue remains that this is the new era of internet and information and the definition of leadership has evolved greatly. We actually need a new way of talking about leadership so that we can identify the new breed of leaders.

Leading from the top is the old view of leadership! (We lead in dissertations writing services)

For the baby boomers, leadership was a game that they played to reach the finish line which is the top and others would follow suit. They have often had to compete forever for everything, big and small, because there are so many of them travelling and almost racing on the same path towards success.

There is some generational conflict when it comes to leadership, the present age of aspiring leaders expect to be treated individually and to be allowed to play the game with their own set of rules. And this idea contrasts with the baby boomers.

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The other generations do not compete with the near gusto of the baby boomers generation. And we have amongst us a generation of primed heads for leadership, which is faced down by a generation which fails to realize that the definition of leadership is changing.

The rookie mistake is to lead the way people would like t follow, and that is why the Gen X has notoriously kept their hands of leadership roles. Their generation does not care about who is in the lead as long as the work is getting done.

Just like the Gen X the Gen Y is also averse to hierarchy and ranks, but their reasons are very different. They get the whole teamwork thing much better than the baby boomers or the Gen Xers. That is because Gen Y has spent their whole lives playing football where everybody gets a medal and have been in study groups where the idea has been to help each other. So, for Gen Y leadership is more about team performance in anon competitive manner against each other!

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The best way to be a good leader is to lead from the middle:

The idea of authority has been changed by the internet radically. The old world idea of authority where people jump hoops of corporate hierarchies have taken a step down and have been superseded by the democratized and ubiquitous access to information available. The changes in authority need to change the leading in leadership.

Leadership should now start from the middle where leaders now will start with giving ideas rather than barking orders. New breed of leaders are more of influential rather than domineering roles, because they grew up with a democratized internet, this is the best generation of leaders as they offer ideas as inspiration better than anyone else!

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