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Meet the most inspiring 17-year old working for NASA with MBA aspirations

Moshe Calvin is a prodigal 17-year old with several feathers up his hat. At this early age he has achieved more than what most people can achieve in an entire lifetime. This charming, boy-next-door type is from San Gabriel, California and has already obtained two college degrees, written two popular books and currently works at a high-profile job for NASA. What’s more? He even flies a plane!

At an age where most other kids are busy clicking selfies, or prowling the various popular social media websites and lazily hanging around with friends; Calvin has achieved a large list of rather great accomplishments. Amusingly enough, this humble boy still claims to be just an ordinary bloke.

When asked how he came to do all this in such a young age, his response was that he is no one special (you could however be made to feel special only by placing a do my essay request); he suggests that his achievements are owed to good parenting, coupled with the right motivation and encouragements from inspiring people around him. His approach to life was to not compare himself with others and get involved in petty competition. Rather he put all his efforts into doing the best as per his own capabilities.

You might be wondering that this is the story of those genius bookworms who keep themselves buried under books all day. But Calvin suggests otherwise, he says he still finds time to take part in extra-curricular activities like – playing the piano or competing in martial arts tournaments. Moreover, he also holds a pilot’s license and can fly a plane, something that most teenagers of his age can only dream to do (you may also find your dreams being fulfilled with our essay writing service).

This boy-genius began to showcase his special abilities from a very young age. At the age of only 3, he was solving math problems that even much older kids find hard to solve. Thereafter, he grew up to be the youngest college student at just the age of 8 years in the entire United States. He enrolled himself in Los Angeles Community College and a year later began writing his autobiography.

His autobiography after being published by an East Asian publishing house was the bestseller in Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. Currently, he is acquiring a Master’s degree in Cyber Science while working part-time for NASA. His future plans are to either acquire an MBA or a PhD in Computer Science, after which he plans to venture into the world of entrepreneurship by staring his own cyber-security company.

Presently, he is trying to find time to be an ordinary teenager with a few clever tricks up his sleeve.