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Exercises to Help Increase Your Creative Writing Skills

When it comes to the crazy lot who go by the name writers, they are a pretty creative bunch. It seems words just come to them from the clouds and tree leaves and every other imaginable place on the earth. Do you think this is also a line created by a writer on a high? Yes, it is.

No such thing as too much of creativity exists in today’s world. As most CEOs and business venturists across the globe have articulated several times. Creativity is the key to success in every field. And this is especially important for MBAs. Being charming, confident and calm can only be best bound and put into effect with creativity. So, here are a few brain-boosting imagination exercises to help increase your creative prowess.

You may be having those annoying blocks or as many like to call it a creative slump (and everybody goes through this once in awhile), but you can jerk yourself out of it. Simply by opening up your creative channels…

We gathered a few tips to help with essays for you to inspire the Hemingway in you:

Take William Faulkner’s advice and read:

As he once put it, one must read, read and read everything from classics to trash to just good books and even give the bad ones a read to see what is bad about them. You must try and play the role of a carpenter who learns work under a master and learns by watching him closely. By reading you can absorb it and then write better. With greater exposure to different styles of write my essay styles and voices you will get acquainted to them better and will be able to expand your textual capabilities. A good writer must know both the strengths and weaknesses of writing.

Replace the typewriter or the keyboard with the good old pair of hands:

Ink may also be the part of the flow. Take the old way of ink on paper and get on with your writing. Sometimes the right trigger for your mind to start the process of ideation is to put yourself out of your comfort zone. And in this case if you are used to typing in contrast to writing then this may just be the right push of discomfort to get your brain wheels churning. Also this helps to calm you down and help you think a little harder on your thoughts as you cannot write as fast as you type. Also this may be the best way to tie up the inner editor in you and nudge the creator to unleash it.


Take an old story or an old idea that you have probably told or wrote several times, and rework on it. But you must ensure that it is not related to anything you are working on currently and is completely different from the present topic at hand. Also shut that rational decision maker in your brain that keeps saying that this is nothing but time waste. If you sit around worrying about not getting anything done, then this practice may just be a better choice on the flipside.