How to Write an Excellent Book Review?

excellent Book Review

A book review, as the name suggests, is writing a paper that talks about your opinion on a specific book. A book review might be or might not be a part of an academic assignment. There are a lot of websites (mostly run by literature enthusiasts) that are dedicated to book reviews.

If you are an independent writer, and writing a book review for fun, then you probably do not need it, but a book review writing service is a boon for college students from where they can let the experts write any paper to complete their tasks. However, whether you are a college student or otherwise, you need to know about book reviews before you start writing one.

As simple as it might look like, writing a book review is not so. For more clarity, it’s better you first learn what is book report from an authentic source. Though a book report and review may seem similar, but it differs in various features. But as we are discussing about writing a book review here, one should keep note that there is no thumb rule to mention, and no format to maintain here. Nonetheless, you need to know a few basics about what should be there in a good book review.

We have put down a few very important points for you to include in your book review.

Give an Overview

The first few sentences should be about some general information about the book. Unlike a book report outline, a book review is very much like writing an essay introduction – let the reader get acquainted. Don’t mention any specifics or your point of view at the beginning of the book review. Here a few pointers to remember while writing a book review:

Comment on the title. Tell the readers the relevance of the title with the subject of the book.

Analyze the genre of the book. Comment on whether the subject and the focus of the book is justified being in that genre or not.

Do not give away anything that might lessen the readers’ interest in reading the book.

Questions to Answer

When a reader reads a review, they have some expectations with the content of it. A review should be able to satiate a few basic queries of the readers. But if you just answer the basic questions, your review would be a basic book review.

Go back to the title of this post – we’re here to discuss how to write an excellent book review. The best thing you can do is, make an outline of the paper, just like you do before writing an outline research proposal. Make sure that you answer the following questions in your review:

  • Was the content of the book capable to keep you engrossed? Describe how inclined you were to get to the end of the book?
  • What was your favorite part of the book and why? What was special about the part that made it better than the other parts of the book?
  • What is the one thing about the book that is unique? This is typically the most awaited and the most read part of a book review, or any review, for that matter.
  • Which character was the best framed? Which character was the most skillfully developed according to you? And what instances made you think so?
  • Was the book framed on any specific company’s strategy, like Apple’s business strategy? If yes, what kind of information did you derive from there?
  • Was the story obvious or was there some amount of suspense? If there was suspense, to what extent it got you excited? How pulling was the book?
  • Did you find the story cringe-worthy or was it a one to send out good vibes? Did you actually feel better after reading the book or did you regret reading the book even though you found it good? These points will give the readers the heads-up, so as to what they should expect from the book.
  • Was the content mainstream or stereotype to the genre? Or were there any detours that you noticed? Did the deviations, if any, go in the favor or against the feel of the book? A good description of these questions will make your review very interesting to read.

Whether you are writing a book review or want to know how to write a good book report or need research help, you definitely have to be conscious of the quality of content. So make sure that you answer these questions very clearly and satisfactorily in your book review.

The Final Words

A review is basically your opinion about any particular work that has been done by someone else. It can be a book, a movie, a dance, a piece of craft, and a scientific invention – anything that someone else has done.

A book review is a matter of great precision because you are reviewing a piece of literature. You are basically writing about a piece of writing, so you need to be more focused and well-informed. If you feel that this is not your cup of tea or you have another essay to buy, just place a  request with an online writing website like PenMyPaper.

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