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Best Free Resources to Update Project Management Skills & How to Use Them

Having an idea of project management software is a must for aspiring managers as otherwise it takes very little for things to go haywire. As a student of management studies you must acquaint yourself with some tools and resources for managing future projects without losing all your hair, to avoid a Godzilla-like apocalypse for your company. Despite having true intensions and clever strategies it is important for managers to be able to keep track of it all with some assistance from automated systems, because with the slightest wrong turn months of work could very easily turn into trash.

Especially such missteps can turn out to be costly for small businesses, so, here we have compiled a list of resources that you can use to keep a tight leash on the development of a certain project and the best part about it is that they are free.


This is great tool for managers who are concerned about employee time tracking. This system is very good for keeping track of research-based project management and reporting. Moreover, a great advantage of this system is that it comes with an invoicing feature so you can bill the clients with a simple click of a button.

A free version of this is only usable by solo-preneurs but it only allows one user, four clients and two projects to be maintained track of. To get more features the pricing scales see a shallow climb from USD 12 per month for an unlimited amount of clients and projects.

Zoho Projects

Another great tool for project management, the free version comes with a 10 MB limit on storage as the only limitation on functionality without any other restrictions. You can have as many users as you want and the paid version is a pocket friendly one, at USD 20 per month.


This is a project management system that uses a method dubbed as the Kanban it was developed by the former vice president of Toyota, Taiichi Ohno. Users can manage projects with a unique system of moving cards which are representative of tracks this gives them a visual representation of where a project stands in the development scenario.

Like Zoho Projects this also offers only 10 MB of storage in the free version with unlimited users, projects and other perks. But the best part about this tool is that it is very easy to get Trello Gold, if one just shares this system and get a new user on board then you will jump to 250 MB for a year. But if you want to use the paid version instead, it will surely not break the bank as the price is only USD 5.00 a month which USD 45 for one year.

While this in no way is an exhaustive list, but these were the top three of our favourites for small businessmen and solo-preneurs to delve their hands into, without burning a hole in their pockets. When they say that all good things come for a price, the price may not always be as high as you think.

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