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Yes, if there is any fault on the writer'spart leading to unsuccessful submission, failure or non-compliance with instructions, you are eligible for a refund. Once you apply for a refund, stating a valid reason, it will be processed and reviewed by the quality assurance team and refund will be initiated accordingly.

All writers associated with penmypaper are PhD graduates, holders of master's level degrees and specialise in their own domains like finance, human resource, law, marketing etc. from credible institutions. Penmypaper is home to expert writerstrained and specialised to write papers. If we know something, it is how to write a Research Paper!

We maintain extreme professionalism in acquiring service charges. We engage in transactions through our trusted partner PayPal and its payment portals. We accept payment through credit cards or debit cards as well for customers who do not have a PayPal account. In simpler terms, when you pay us to write papers, our writers deliver.

We have a range of options on our order page and one of them is selection of a deadline. You can set the deadline as per your requirement and specification. Variables such as academic level, type of paper, word limit affect the deadline set for an order. For example, under optimum conditions, it would take our writers at least 17 hours from the time of order confirmation to write research papers of basic academic level and minimum word count.‘Can my paper writer do that?’ might be the question in mind.

PenMyPaper boasts of plagiarism-free authentic content. Each paper helper is responsible towrite papersbased on their specialisation, thus ensuring original content and thought process. It is mandatory for our writers to provide authentic references for all sorts of information used in the research paper. Writing papers in college requires acknowledgement of original sources for research, which is a hallmark of our writer services.

Communicating with the writers is of prime importance when you want to direct them on how to write your research paper. Foremost gateway for incorporating instructions is the order page where you will find a dedicated space for entering requirements and specifications. You may further wish to upload instruction files and directions for the paper writer by simply messaging on the message box directly to the writer from your penmypaper account.


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It is easier to trust when the process is transparent and designed for the ease of the customer. Let us envision how a writer prepares a paper!

Confirmation of The Order : After placing the order and successful payment, Penmypaperconfirms the order and work is commenced soon. In case of a free enquiry, you will be notified whether your requirements can be successfully met, and upon confirmation, a link is provided to place an order.

Assigning an Expert : We assign the job to awriter who is most suited to the subject domain and most experienced in the concerned field. This ensures optimisation for the customer’s specific needs

Extensive Research and Brainstorming : Once a writer has been assigned to execute the given task, a session of extensive preparation and planning is undertaken to chalk out the general trajectory in which the research paper is to be prepared.

Preparing a Draft : The customer can ask for a draft copy of the paper upon completion of a fraction of its entirety. This may assist the customer to provide valuable feedback or approve of the path followed by the writer. This facilitates both the customer and the writer to be on the same page.

Completion of The Paper : Incorporating all instructions and specifications provided, the paper is finally submitted to the customers and the process of preparing the research paper is concluded with this step. The entire process is customer-oriented and top priority is allocated to the ease of accessibility of the customers.

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We take pride in our services and can assertively state that no other paper writer provides the combination of customizable services that we provide, which probably makes us the best in the business.

What Separates Us from The Other Similar Service Providers?

The answer lies in the fact that our writers take each assignment personally and see to it that the student procures excellent grades.

We provide virtually limitless number of revisions until we have trumped the satisfactory threshold of our customers.

We never refrain from providing round the clock support and assistance to our customers or even if you are an enthusiast, you won’t return disappointed once you have availed our services.

Thus, total assurance from our part and dedication till the very end makes us the most suitable option when you are in need. Trust us and we shall pull you through in this journey of academic revelation

What Extra Do We Bring to The Table?

We prioritize the customer’s requirements extensively. Apart from preparing a research paper, we also ensure that the paper is error-free. We ensure quality writer standards and in-depth knowledge that would facilitate the procurement of higher grades.

References and Sources : The expert paper writer lists all the sources cited in the paper, the quantity of which is pre-determined by the customer, so that they can be easily accessed and retrieved by the customers.

Plagiarism Report and Proofreading : Professional plagiarism checking tools are used to eradicate plagiarism. Scrutinizing eyes check for any grammatical errors, poor sentence construction or formatting errors, thus establishing a crystal-clear operational process.

We know that a business runs on the goodwill of the customer’s and that’s why all our effort is vested in keeping you, the customer happy and satisfied.

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