Change in the organisation is often viewed as important to deal with the changing market scenario and perception of customers. Change like management, leadership, culture and other can have a significant impact on the competitiveness of the firms (Todnem By, 2005). However, due to many internal and external factors, it is not easy for the organisations to bring change. In this current study, Walmart has been selected; in context to the company, change solutions shall be identified and justified that would help Walmart to attain organisational objectives. Further, criteria would be identified for selecting the most appropriate change model and problem solving technique would be applied for addressing the challenges. Moreover, the contemporary role of leadership and management shall be described along with the challenges faced by the leaders and managers of the company.

Identify and Justify Change Solutions

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation which operates a chain of discount hypermarkets, grocery and departmental stores. In twenty eight countries, the company has around 11539 stores and clubs. The organisation deals in number of products like, photo finishing, home and furniture, home improvements, electronics, clothing, toys, health and beauty, grocery, jewellery and many more. Moreover, the company has more than 2.3 million employees all over the world (Walmart, 2016).

It has been witnessed that women workers of the company, Walmart have been underpaid which has raised criticism for the organisation. The female workers were paid USD1.16 less per day in comparison to male counterparts. The company is well known for employing more number of women workers than the male workers. However, the women are discriminated on the basis of wages and salaries even after working on the similar position with that of male (Osterndorf, 2015). In context to that, the company can count on making change in organisational culture and policies which could help in attaining the outlined organisational objectives.

The change or adjustment in the organisational culture would be effective in providing the equal rights to both male and female workers in the organisation. It can support the company to make strong and healthy relationships of workers with the top management which can be useful in carrying out the business activities in a pleasant manner (Bititci et al., 2006). This would be useful for Walmart to prepare the organisational plan which could lead to effectively aligning the efforts and contributions of workers towards organisational success. On the other hand, bringing a positive organisational culture change would support in retaining loyal and committed employees and attracting new employees which would contribute towards attaining business objectives (Alas and Vadi, 2006). Moreover, bringing change in Walmart’s organisational culture would assist in controlling the chaos and conflict between the workers which could be helpful in providing the quality and timely services to all range of customers (Škerlavaj,Štemberger and Dimovski, 2007). Changing organisational culture to clan would help in nurturing, mentoring and encouraging all workers to work together. Therefore, it can support Walmart to maintain a healthy work environment where all the employees would be treated well and a strong learning could be build. Moreover, the clan culture at Walmart would provide supportive advantage if any issue occurs in the organisation as the employees would be working in more collaboratively and friendly manner.

Further, making change in Walmart’s organizational policy regarding wage payment would allow the women workers to receive right pay for their appropriate designation and would be equally respected with that of male workers in the organisation. Change in the organizational policy could be useful in regaining the lost trust of the women workers, as they are able to receive right pay for their amount of their work and according to the position held by them (Renee Baptiste, 2008). Moreover, changing organisational policy at Walmart could be beneficial to get promotion without discriminating between the genders of the workers.

Identify criteria to select a most appropriate change implementation model

The current situation of the company would need to be understood for selecting the most appropriate change implementation model. The condition of the firm would help in knowing about the issues that might be affecting the business activities and in maintaining strong corporate culture (Paton and McCalman, 2008). In context to Walmart, the issues related to work and discrimination related to women in wage or salary payment has been found. Therefore, it is required to analyse the impact of the issues on the performance of the business and impact on the company image locally and globally.

Further, the new strategically aligned behaviour shall need to be designed through assessing the current roles and responsibilities of the workers. It would support in analysing how much time would be taken by the existing employees of Walmart if change is implemented in the organisation. Moreover, the internal and external relationship of the organisation needs to be understood. It can help in knowing the impact of change on the relationships of the company for the business growth (Jones, Jimmieson and Griffiths, 2005).

An environment of upward feedback and open discussion on efficacy of change implementation could be created. It could contribute in knowing the views and opinions of the workers and other shareholders of Walmart which could help in ensuring positive change in the organisation. Moreover, the open discussion would provide information about the percentage of employees that are reluctant to change and less likely support change solutions in the company (Buchanan et al., 2005). Therefore, it would provide transparency in dealings of the company and its future prospects so that organisational objectives could be achieved.

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