The process communication refers to the transmission, receiving as well as the processing of information related to the product that has been already existing in the market or that has been newly launched (Madhavaram, Badrinarayanan & McDonald, 2005). The communication takes place between the buyers and the sellers, as the seller tries to sell the product using various communication strategies. The buyers sell the product to the sellers and collect feedback from them regarding its quality and durability. Further, the integrated marketing process also involves advertising and promotion of the products that are newly launched in order to attract the customers to purchase the products which in turn will help the company to set up its reputation (Reid, Luxton & Mavondo, 2005). The promotional strategies used by the companies are essential to communicate with the target customers regarding the products that are launched by the company. The study aims at evaluating the importance of salesperson in an organization and also to understand the effectiveness of advertising a product. The research offers a scope to develop a policy in order to remain ethical in the advertising practices of a company.

Significance of the role of a Sales Person

A good salesmanship is necessary for a company to promote its goods and services that has been newly launched and to create awareness among the buyers regarding the invention (Holm, 2006). A good salesmanship involves maintaining a good relationship with the customers so that the customers develop a brand loyalty for the product. The personality of the salesman should be such that they are successful in convincing the customers to purchase the products and also to visit the outlets regularly. The process of advertising facilitates the personal selling and the responsibility of the sales person becomes easier in case the customers have the knowledge regarding the product (Reid, 2005). The personality of the salesman helps in attracting new customers and enhancing the goodwill of the company. A more knowledgeable sale person is an ultimate requirement of the company and it also increases the possibility of bringing success to the company.

The type of sales promotion varies based on the products that are launched in the international market. For example, Maruti Suzuki has launched a new model of car that is highly fuel efficient and it would be beneficial for the customers. However, for carrying out the promotional activities, the company has to train the salesperson regarding the features of the new model and how it would be beneficial for the target customers. It is only the sales promotion that would attract the customers to purchase the new vehicle. The sales strategy must also involve the process of allowing test drive to the customers so that they can check out with the features of the model (Holm, 2006). On the contrary, the smart phone company, Apple Inc. has launched new range of smart phones that are highly demanded by the customers. The sales executives within the company are efficient enough to attract the target customers to purchase the smart phones and also to collect feedback regarding the products that are sold (Finne & Gronroos, 2009). This has helped Apple Inc. to set up its reputation in the international market. Therefore, sales promotion is an important aspect that the companies need to consider.

Expectations of a Sales Professional

One of the most important expectations that the sales professional have is to keep pace with the customer satisfaction level in the international market. There are five important behaviors that can lead to a change in the sales behavior of a sales executive (Holm, 2006). It involves motivation provided to the sales personnel which would encourage them to bring in a change within the organization (Beverland & Luxton, 2005). The organization often conducts training skills for the sales professional in order to enhance their performance so that they develop their capacity to convince the customers to purchase the product. The next behavior that the sales person needs to incorporate is that of customization. The third behavior is that of the spaced learning that the sales professionals derive within the short training period offered to them (Beverland & Luxton, 2005). However, there are well-designed training programs arranged by the organization for the sales professionals to develop their communication skills. There are other two kinds of behavior that is to be included under the expectation of the sales professionals that are reinforcement and measurement (Dewhirst & Davis, 2005).

Reinforcement implies that the participants are allowed to review the knowledge and skills they have developed during the training program. However, measurement involves the process of evaluating the impact of the training on the performance of the sales professionals of organizations (Dewhirst & Davis, 2005). Nonetheless, the researcher expresses the interest to be a sales professional of a company as the sales executive play a key role in setting up the business as well as contribute to the status of the company. This profession offers a scope to communicate with customers of various backgrounds that enhances their communication skills as well as understanding related to the customers’ needs and desires (Beverland & Luxton, 2005). They would have the responsibility to convince the customer regarding a product and offer schemes and discounts to further attract the customers towards the products.  The job would help to develop self-confidence in handling different types of customers and their queries and complaints. Being a sales person of an organization is challenging, yet an interesting opportunity according to the researcher as the responsibility would enhance the company’s sales.

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