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Ethical problems related to Euthanasia

The purpose of this study is to analyze the ethical issues of euthanasia by perceiving this action through various theories related to ethics and morality. The major theories that have been considered in this case study are consequentialism, utilitarianism, egoism and the deontological perspective. By viewing the act of voluntary euthanasia through various ethical theories the researcher was able to learn that even though these theories do not necessarily prescribe voluntarily euthanasia but they do seem to support this act if it is at all required.

  • Type: Essay
  • Domain: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Citation: Harvard
  • Words: 2000

Corporate Responsibility And Governance of Walmart

This paper intends to assess the corporate social responsibility practices of Walmart. Social reporting practices followed by the company has been described in the paper. Moreover, changes adapted by the company over the years in terms of its CSR practices has been described in the paper. Some of the recommendations have also been provided to improvise the CSR strategy of Walmart.

  • Type: Report
  • Domain: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Citation: APA
  • Words: 3000

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