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Environmental issues for Business and the Business environment for Emerging Economy

The environment is the ultimate source of natural resources which play a big role in maintaining business sustainability. Hence, this paper also investigates the impact of environment upon business along with other components like, political, social, financial, legal and institutional factors. All these components are important in shaping the future of the emerging economy which has intrigued the researcher to understand the transformation that emerging economies are undergoing to secure their future as a developed nation. Sustainability is the need of the hour because it has been identified that the level of pollution has been higher in the emerging countries because of the race to converge with the advanced nation.

  • Type: Report
  • Domain: Business Sustainability
  • Citation: Harvard
  • Words: 3000

Sustainable Cheese Production: The Environmental Improvement Programme of Marin French Cheese Company

This paper studies how a German cheese making company addresses its environmental and social issues with the implementation of an Environmental Improvement Programme. With the accomplishment of various targets enshrined in the programme Bergader aims at reducing its emission of greenhouse gases and its amended business operation practices directed towards using less energy so that there is a profound impact not only the improvement in climatic conditions but also helps in saving more money for organizations increasing its profit margin.

  • Type: Report
  • Domain: Business Sustainability
  • Citation: Harvard
  • Words: 3500


The United States Steel Corporation widely known as US Steel is an integrated producer of steel headquartered in Pennsylvania. Owing to the rising concern for global pollution, the producers of heavy and basic raw materials like iron ore, steel are struggling to meet the international standard against pollution. This paper studies the impact of such operations on the environment on a wider perspective and device a green logistics program for the U.S. Steel Corporation which can help them to mitigate impacts of their production activities on the environment.

  • Type: Report
  • Domain: Business Sustainability
  • Citation: APA
  • Words: 2250

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