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How to Write a Thematic Statement: Get Excellent Tips and Tricks

For students who are interested in literature and creative writing, for them, a thematic statement is quite significant. Writing these statements offers them a chance to test your comprehension of abstract work. Additionally, it encourages them to represent the core thought in the most straightforward form.

Though the definition of a thematic statement varies differently, it is essentially a piece of writing which often suggests the main or core idea of the story. Before further introducing you to some basic tips on how to compose a thematic statement, it is advised to go through the blog. Here you will get a comprehensive idea of what it is and how to write a good one.

Definition of a Thematic Statement

A theme is actually the main idea of the literary work on which the whole writing depends upon. It’s not equivalent to a subject that can be depicted in a word or two. On the other hand, it is a thought that the author needs to communicate regarding the subject.

Writing a thematic statement includes the utilization of all the apparent critical components like plot, characters, and points of interest. However, there is a possibility that your literary work may likewise consist of more than one theme. Though they are not legitimately indicated yet are inferred. The audience should utilize all the components to comprehend which topic is not suggested.

A student might be asked this piece of the statement as a part of the essay, course, or thesis. Besides, you have to comprehend the major basic connection that holds the entire framework together. Aside from that, while writing these statements; you should utilize the accompanying words, for example, an individual, individuals, individual, or somebody else.

Interesting Characteristics of a Well-Written Thematic Statement

It is an undeniable fact that a thesis statement is sufficient enough to capture the overall importance and meaning of the work. However, it additionally needs to be sufficiently explicit for conveying an exceptional interpretation. Follow the underneath guidelines to express an understanding in an intriguing manner.

Each text has a specific point or it says something. When you are choosing to write a theme, make sure that it represents the whole work, that is to say, a solitary sentence should be a perfect substitute for the entire literary work. It implies that you need to disentangle the importance by simplifying the meaning to get it into a solitary sentence. For instance, “Love and hate” is a theme and not a statement; however “The theme of the content is love and disdain” is a perfectly finished sentence.

Also remember that the theme ought to depict the overall importance and not any particular activities, functions, or characters. It is helpful for the essayist to communicate the main idea or thought by choosing an appropriate structure, word choice, and other components of rhetoric. It ought to likewise reflect the estimations of the whole work, not simply in a couple of lines, passages, or sections.

With the intent of expressing the primary thoughts, you should utilize abstract or dynamic words. For the most part, these words portray the concepts or ideas that exist in our brains, for example, love, enthusiasm, devotion, and so forth. Thus, you must consolidate the theoretical thoughts along with the remarks mirroring the author’s perspectives for writing a thematic statement. It will assist in communicating his considerations regarding abstract thoughts.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Create a Thematic Statement

When it comes to a creative or expository piece of writing, there are no particular standards to be followed. Moreover, there are a few aspects that can be portrayed as alluring attributes of a thematic statement.

Here our team of PenMyPaper has provided you with a list of a few rules and regulations that can assist you in creating a thematic statement.

  • Read Completely: When you are writing a thematic statement, the first step will be to read the whole work completely. You should note down the composing style, plots, characters, and capturing of all the viewpoints of humans. It will help in delivering a unique interpretation.
  • Focus on the Core: A thematic statement passes on the message of the whole work in a solitary sentence. In this way, rather than discussing what occurs, it is smarter to talk about what are the consequences of the happenings.
  • Detect the Central Ideas as well as Conflict Areas: Undeniably, each story has a contention of thoughts. The fundamental goal is to recognize the qualities, intentions, and interests that will assist you with understanding the idea of the conflict. Additionally, it will likewise control you to the qualities and central focused ideas that structure a narrated story.
  • No Specifics: Diving into the subtleties of what really happened isn’t vital. All things considered, the thematic statement is the response to why everything occurred. It figures out all the happenings take place in a story.
  • No Moral Edict: Try not to change your theme into an ethical edict. Or maybe, keep it such that it reflects the genuine idea inside the story. Additionally, abstain from embellishment the first thought into something different.
  • Capture the Gist: By following the previously mentioned steps, you must have probably begun envisioning a clear picture of your story as a top priority. Attempt to craft a sentence that contains all the features of your story and afterward refine it a short time later.
  • Avoid Clichés: Attempt to be unique by abstaining from utilizing cliches. It is smarter to communicate your opinions as opposed to utilizing a mainstream punchline.
  • Avoid Using Absolute Statements: Another significant perspective is to avoid using absolute statements except if you make certain about it. In any case, you can adhere to them in situations where you are truly and totally evident.

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Some Basic Examples of Thematic Statements

Here we have presented you with a few thematic statement examples that will help you in providing a better understanding of how to write a thematic statement.

  • Pride consistently comes in the way of discovering genuine affection or love
  • Regardless of what the chances, genuine men of character never yield to deception
  • Nothing raises the shroud of a man’s actual character like power
  • In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, Christopher Nolan presents that genuine valor requires total and utter benevolence
  • In ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Shakespeare presents that adoration is more remarkable than scorn
  • Love is the main language each person loves, but then, the most misconstrued language
  • Supreme force begins from a precise arrangement of psyche control, which benefits from basic human shortcomings and fear of individuals
  • The central subject of ‘Finding Nemo’ is that dread is in some cases more hazardous than the threat itself.

Avoid these Mistakes to Create a Good Thematic Statement

Whenever a newbie student or sometimes even a perfectionist writer attempts to formulate a thematic statement for any literary text or an essay, they commonly make some mistakes. Here we have put forward to explain to you how you can identify and avoid them so that you can create a flawless statement.

  • It is not a Command, Moral, or a Directive: These factors advise the author on what to do and how to act. On the other hand, this idea takes a look at the activities and perspectives.

    Moreover, it doesn’t include deciding what others ought to or ought not to do. Along these, you should avoid the usage of words like “should” or “ought”. It provides assistance to the author to gain an overall point of view from the conduct of an individual.

  • Avoid to Refer Any Specific Names or Events: These thematic statements don’t sum up the whole work. Considering all things, it reflects what actually occurs in the work. This drove them to utilize more broad terms by not alluding to specific names or functions.
  • Don’t be so Evident: Quit being so evident and consistently attempt to discover more subtleties from the story. For instance, an expression like “War is terrible,” isn’t a topic. Instead, you should search for more detailed subtleties like what explicitly is awful about it or how it contrarily influences the characters.
  • It has no Trite Sayings (Aphorisms, Clichés, or Maxims): In any literary work, themes actually mirror the intricacy of life echoes. It ought to be unique, intriguing, and insightful in nature. For that, you can also use qualifying words like “may”, “can”, “sometimes” and “often”.
  • Avoid Using Absolute Terms: Thematic statements ought to exclude usage of absolute terms since it demonstrates helpless reasoning. Or maybe, they are prescriptive, without exemptions. Subsequently, it is advised to express a subject in your own words. For example, you can also use terms like “now and then,” “we,” or “frequently” which communicates a more practical standpoint.
  • Don’t let it Look like Suggestions: Always attempt to keep your thematic statements to be objective and it should be dependent upon solid proof from the story. Try not to make it sound like advice or counsel.

That’s it! All you need to know for getting started with thematic statements. Here we have described the writing tips along with examples that will help you in formulating an excellent thematic statement.


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