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Social Services Attempted to Be Streamlined by an MBA

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We all know that for the MBAs, it is all about networking. As for the MBA pass-out, Bradford Turner, simple napkin scribbles in the pub led him to the start-up his own consultancy.

He turned out to be one of those rare inspirational cases, who stood to change the common notion about MBAs. This 35-years old handsome young man spent most of his early career raising funds for non-profit organizations before he joined the course of this fancy business degree.

He felt that having an MBA degree will help him set up his very own consultancy, and in turn, help him save public funds while still offering better public services.

Time Had Some Other Plans Against His

While this was the plan, he did encounter a business problem that acted as a slight glitch in his plan. The government-funded social associations were covered by a wide range of organizations. Thus, it was evident that there would be costly duplication. As for the clients, the system became unnecessarily complicated. While some of them had mental healthcare needs, others looked for housing; while some others had childcare needs.

Thus, the main problem with this system was that, whenever they met a new culture with new requirements, they also met a bunch of unknown people there. Thus, it took time for the people to get around and get a true feel of the place.

But He was a Sorted Man…

After that, the next problem he faced when starting his own business was the gaping lack of an MBA in terms of international business experience. Turner felt that a cocktail of things were required to excel in the world of business (same as an online assignment writing service to excel in your college assignments), which came with an MBA degree.

So keeping these needs in mind, he applied to study MBA in a college outside Canada (his native country) and in Europe. As he felt that applying in a faraway country would help him achieve more diversified experience rather than studying in the neighboring countries of the US.

To still continue with his job, he chose a flexible course with ample online classes along with a few visits to the college campus at Warwick Business School in the central UK. As per him, this course was the best intermediate fit. Also, he followed some effective study hacks to learn more quickly.

For Turner, MBA was Just a Degree and Nothing Else

Now with an MBA, Mr. Turner believed that with his kind of business venture, networking with people was something like returning back to the MBA basics. On the other hand, he was strictly against the idea of using an MBA degree as an achievement in itself, instead of it being a simple training course.

He said that, an MBA only used to a be a degree to train the future captains and entrepreneurs of the corporate world, so he hated how people used MBA in their resume heading as a credential rather than a qualification (get the most out of your MBA by gaining the ultimate expertise in how to write a dissertation). Following his path, numerous MBA dropouts are perusing their dreams right now.

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