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How To Write A Hypothesis: Definition, Characteristics And Types Of It

How To Write A Hypothesis Definition, Characteristics And Types Of It

While writing a research paper, you need to state the aims, objectives as well as the research questions to find out answers related to the problem of the research paper topic. At the same time, you also need to make some predictions which have to be found through various stages in the dissertation paper and that will make you understand how to write a hypothesis. But it should not be just a guess- the basis for the hypothesis must be the existing knowledge and theories.

What Is A Research Hypothesis?

A statement that introduces the readers to a particular research question and then proposes a result that can be expected from it is known as the research hypothesis. It forms a significant part of the entire process of research and needs to be tested for whether it stands correct or incorrect. With the help of various scientific research methods such as analysis of data, experiments and observations, you either have to support it or refute it. Even a small mistake in the hypothesis of the paper can lead to bigger risk for the entire paper.

Research hypotheses form an important part of any dissertation paper. It simply states out what will be proven right through the research and what will be proven wrong. At times, many students face difficulty or cannot understand how to write a hypothesis in the apt manner. In such a case, you can take academic writing help for ‘my paper writing’. This will not only ease out your difficulty in writing the hypothesis but will elaborate the various facets of it too.

Significant Characteristics Of A Good Hypothesis

From the previously published research papers that are based upon the same kind of theory, you can get an idea about your hypothesis and get an idea about what to expect and what not to expect from a particular study. The ways to know how to write a hypothesis can be portrayed through a brilliant research hypothesis that will involve much more effort than just a mere guess. It would be best and quite appealing to the readers if the hypothesis of the paper begins with a question and the answer for that question has to be found out and established through the rest of the research paper.

To ease out your efforts of how to write a hypothesis, you can try asking and relating the below stated questions with your research topic:

  • Is the language focused and clear?
  • What is the interconnection between your research paper topic and your hypothesis?
  • Can the hypothesis be tested and how?
  • What are the probable explanations that you would want to explore and address in the research paper?
  • Are the two kinds of variables, that is dependent variable and independent variable, both present in your hypothesis?
  • Is there any scope for you to manipulate the variables without disturbing the ethical standards?

The questions stated above can be used by you as your checklist to make sure that you have formed a concrete and solid foundation for the research paper through your hypothesis and will also enhance the knowledge regarding how to write a research paper.

PenMyPaper, the popular academic writing company, can be a good choice for you to draft your essays with. The experts of the company are not only efficient at writing papers but also have brilliant experience in this field. They are expertise in writing every kind of research paper and thus can teach you effectively how to write a hypothesis.

Ways To Know How To Write A Hypothesis Effectively

A hypothesis that can be testable is not just a mere statement. It is more of an intricate statement that requires to offer the readers with a crisp and concise introduction to the research procedure, its aims and objectives and also stating the probable outcome of the research methods. However, in order to build up a compelling research paper hypothesis and get to know how to write one in the most brilliant manner, there are some important things that you need to keep in your mind:

  1. State the problem of the research paper that you are trying to solve.

You have to be utterly sure that the hypothesis clearly defines the research topic along with the focal point of the experiment mentioned in it too.

  1. Consider the format of “if- then” statement for the hypothesis

An “if-then” clearly points out the problem along with the outcome of the research. This makes things much more transparent to the readers and this is where the readers start developing interest to go through the rest of the research paper. For example, you may follow this template: “If a specific action is taken, then a certain outcome is expected.”

  1. Defining the variables

A hypothesis of any research paper is made up of two various or two parts- independent and dependent.

  • Independent variables: These variables are the ones that can be changed, controlled and manipulated. These are also being isolated from the various other factors of the research study.
  • Dependent variables: These are the variables that are dependent on various other factors of the research study. If the independent variables change, it implies a great influence on the dependent variables too.

Examples Of Some Independent And Dependent Variables

To know how to write a hypothesis, examples are a must and exploring them will make the ideas clear to you-

  1. “The greater number of coal plants in a region increases water pollution”

Independent variable: The greater number of coal plants in a region

Dependent variable: increases water pollution

  1. If the independent variable changes, automatically the dependent variable will change too- “What is the effect of diet or regular soda on blood sugar levels?

Independent variable: What is the effect of diet or regular soda

Dependent variable: on blood sugar levels

The above rules mentioned must be taken into consideration as the validity and the results of your research paper depend highly on building up a strong testable hypothesis.

The Different Kinds Of Hypothesis

There exist broadly seven kinds of research hypotheses which are necessary steps in knowing how to write a hypothesis. They are:

  1. Complex hypothesis

In this kind of hypothesis, the relationship between two or more dependent and independent variables are predicted.

  1. Simple hypothesis

In a simple hypothesis, the interconnection between a single dependent variable and a single independent variable is being predicted.

  1. Directional hypothesis

It states out the expected direction that can be followed to decide on the relationship between the variables and this is mostly derived from the theory. Furthermore, the intellectual commitment of the researcher is being implied through this type of hypothesis towards a particular outcome.

  1. Non-directional hypothesis

In this kind of variable, the nature or the relationship between the two kinds of variables is being exposed. This kind of a hypothesis is being used when there is absence of theory or when the findings of your research contradict or are in contrast to the findings of the previous research.

  1. Associative and causal hypothesis

The interdependency between the variables of a hypothesis is stated in an associative hypothesis. If any of the variables is being changed or altered, it has a direct effect on the second variable and it changes too. Whereas on the other hand, if the independent variable is manipulated, then there occurs a change in the dependent variable too in case of casual hypothesis.

  1. Alternative hypothesis

This kind of a hypothesis clearly states that there is a link and a clear relationship between the variables and the outcomes are of great significance to the subject of the research paper.

  1. Null hypothesis

A negative statement is being stated in such a kind of hypothesis that provides support to the findings that there exists no specific relationship between the two variables.

As per the experts of PenMyPaper, in a particular dissertation, to know how to write a hypothesis, you are required to put up at least three hypotheses to define the research paper topic and the claims you will be making clear and transparent to the readers. You can use any two kinds of hypothesis for H1 (hypothesis 1) and H2 (hypothesis 2). But for the last one, it is mandatory that you will use a null hypothesis- H0. This makes the entire thing visible to the raiders and they can get an idea about what will be proven and what not will be proven right in the paper. They can provide you with some research paper examples to understand the approach towards the hypothesis and also the complete knowledge about how to write a hypothesis.

The Advantages Of Building Up A Strong Hypothesis

To know how to write a hypothesis, you must also come across the advantages of writing one. The usage of the brilliant hypothesis comes with a few advantages also:

  • It would compel the readers to think intensely and get specific about the probable outcomes of the research paper
  • It would also help you to think and understand the implication of the hypothetical question and also about the various variables involved in the research
  • It will also help you to make crisp and concise predictions regarding the prior results of the research
  • Forming a good and strong hypothesis increases the value of the research paper consequently.

To conduct a research properly and to devise proper results of the study, you have to make the hypothesis testable in nature. To consider that to be testable, some important things to be kept in mind are:

  • A possibility must prevail where the hypothesis can be proven right
  • A possibility must be there where the hypothesis can be proven wrong
  • The outcomes of the hypothesis have to be reproducible.

Without following these criteria, the research hypothesis as well as the results of the study may turn out to be vague. Framing up a valid and precise hypothesis is a challenging task for all. But this can be eased out if you figure out the variables- independent and the dependent one from the given research paper topic itself and then try putting things up. If you still face a problem, you are free to get in touch with professionals of the PenMyPaper, who are just a click away to help you out. Be it how to write a hypothesis or how to write a research paper, they can do it all for you, efficiently and effectively. They will make you study several examples and explain the various facets of the hypothesis too.

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