Global Management Programs Foster World Citizenship

Global Management

St. Petersburg of Russia served as the backdrop to the CEMS graduation ceremony of the current year. The business school’s Dean, Greg Whitwell, who is a professor, described the ceremony to be caused for consolation to those who are at despair at the violence-torn and “bloody division”, that stands in the way of universal brotherhood.

CEMS is a premier group of business schools, amounting to no less than 30 with the proper accreditation to impart the MIM program from CEMS. MIM is an acronym for Masters in International Management program.

The Graduating Ceremony

The Business School of the University of Sydney happens to be the only member from Australia in the International CEMS alliance which has Paris for its base, as researched by our PenMyPaper experts. The number of students graduating in the program stood at more than a staggering thousand (nothing quite like the staggering number of writing my dissertation abstract requests that we get), with 600 of them attending the ceremony held in the picturesque capital of Russia, famed for its architectural splendor.

In the wake of the Paris attacks, Professor Whitwell opined that the students of the program provide a means of hope that cooperation and goodwill will prevail at the end. He cited the CEMS as an example of an institution that fosters cultural diversity, and whose students seek to work together. In the process, they learn as well as sharing from their cultural pool. So grab the free resources for upgrading your project management skills and become a pro in this field.

The students are the living examples of the lofty ideal of global citizens according to him. The students of the program are fluent in at least two varied languages and have learned to blend in and feel right at home in a cultural atmosphere that might be quite different from what they are used to.

CEMS was founded as far as 26 years ago. The pan-European body now boasts of members from India, Canada, Australia, China, Singapore, as well as Brazil. This year, the Korea Business School became the 30th member of the alliance.

The CEMS Spirit

CEMS holds high in the global collaborative spirit, and as such is interested in building enduring and early links with partners and schools of economies that are emerging (Just as the write essay service that holds in high spirit every do my essay request).

The growing and a large number of sponsors at various levels make sure that students become globally mobile, and be a part of international business projects that is a characteristic distinguishing the MIM program. In that case, submitting the perfect SWOT analysis has become one of the most important aspects. Take an example of a SWOT analysis of apple inc. to get the relevant idea.

To Round It Off

As the Associate Dean of Graduate Management, Professor Philip Seltsikas puts it rather appropriately the graduates embody the need of the hour for the world, a united body of culturally diverse students. Therefore, in the end, the opportunities for business management students are opening widely. So make sure you know well the outline research proposal and other related essentials, and are submitting the assignments on time for grabbing the best one for yourself. If you face problems then ask for the university assignment writer and get dissertation help from experts.

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