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Forget Everything You Know About Managing Creative Employees

The trick to be a good manager is to make each and every employee feel like they are creative in their own way at the job. Why is this so important about being a manager? Simply because creative work is the most fulfilling work, and everybody is capable of doing such work if we put our hearts and minds to it.

So, is write my essay with optimum creativity, all you need to do is trigger that creative part of your brain…

A research conducted by Professor John Mirowsky of the University of Texas, Austin in sociology had several groundbreaking revelations about managing creativity at work.

He found that people who work are happier than those who do not, as they get to apply their creative thinking while on job. This was found regardless of age, race, and the amount of creativity that the job requires.

He further concluded that people often make choices to be more creative if they are employed gainfully. And also that we have much more control on our creativity that we realize and we improve our work life by manifold. He stated that, “one thing that surprised us was that the daily activities of the employed people are more creative than those of the non-employed ones who are of the same sex, gender and age and also at the equivalent level of education”.

But how to tell if you are being creative at work? Simply ask yourself if you like the job. And here’s a secret to finding the best, most likeable job, you will never be able to really enjoy your work unless and until you are required to solve challenging problems. And if you are already doing that, then you are already being creative!

Here’s some more scientific gauging systems to assess if you love your job –check your call log, are you constantly calling your friends while at work? Then you are probably not as happy at work as you’d like to think.

These five ways can help you turn your job more creatively challenging just like essay writing!

Bonuses pro-tip for MBA students, if you aspire to manage to creative people then tell these tips to everyone who report to you. You can also manage your own creativity when you need to write my paper by following the same:

Alter your mindset:

A lot of solving problems is just fixing our outlook towards the problem. When you are stuck in a bad situation, it breeds creativity. But this will only work if you feel totally responsible for solving your problem on your own.

You need stop blaming your supervisor/boss or the work or college assignment and start by looking at yourself to turn your life more creative.

The biggest mistake you can do is by diving jobs into categories labelled creative and non-creative as much as it is a mistake to label people creative and non-creative. Everything in the world as room for creativity!

Respond to stress in a different way:

We have some routine responses to stress and all of it is mostly bad for us in one way or the other. When you feel stress the next time, try a new response and see the change. And trust us when we say no work or assignment prevent people from doing that.

Do not run like a rodent in the same dead-ended rat race instead of seeking a greener sewer!

Change your pace of doing things:

Changing the pace of doing a task can change the it feels like to do it. This is inherently known to us from dancing! But interestingly this trick also applies to workplace duties like writing an email or clearing out a desk. These things we often do quickly yet, we never examine the pace at which we are doing them and if that is good for the task or not.

Job-hopping can be helpful:

This is the biggest possible way to change ones creativity level and that too on a larger scale. Job-hopping actually helps to keep people more engaged in their career path and thereby, more into the work. People who have had experience with a wide variety of jobs often find themselves in shoes easy to run a creative mile and that too faster!

Do not shy away from that long-term, intimate relationship:

Do not put too much of time burdens on your work, yes you do need to be creative in order to feel fulfilling. But there are more than one way of being creative. And all of them do not necessarily relate to your work.

The connectivity between a job well done and happiness is hilariously overrated. Intimate long-term relationships matter, and there is nothing more creatively challenging that the act of putting two lives into one fulfilling, satisfying, happy life!