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6 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful MBA Event

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Before you find the chance to call yourself an MBA, you will need to tread the long and arduous MBA college application and MBA events pathway. The farther you are through your application cycle will determine the way you should approach such MBA events.

Sometimes, attending MBA events is the only way people are left with as aspiring students hoping to meet up with an MBA representative and being considered for a program. Undoubtedly, students need to have a strong hold on the ground they are willing to work on.

Like, if the technology is your subject matter and you are willing to work with a renowned IT company, you must understand their business strategy like – Apple’s business strategy.

While some students use an MBA admissions event for conducting some amount of initial research and to find valuable information about the business scope that will be available to them. While some students may have a clear idea of the type of MBA programs they want to pursue so, many-a-times they can easily combine a short list of colleges they might want to speak to.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind before, during, and after attending an MBA event:

What to Do?

Make sure you have answers to some of the questions that B-schools may have to ask you:

Be Prepared For The Most Commonly Asked Open-Ended Questions Like:

Why do you want to pursue an MBA degree?

How do you think obtaining an MBA degree will help to progress your career?

Tell me some of the key things you are looking for in your ideal MBA program.

Have An Open Mind Towards MBA Programs:

The variations among MBA programs are plenty. They vary in how they are taught, the specializations on offers, the timeline, and course details, their season timings, and the opportunities some may offer after you graduate with a business degree.

Get a strong knowledge base of your concerned subject and get ready to look for the perfect fit for your elevating your educational degree. There is no model to determine which model of MBA program will work, so, the best thing to do is to look at all MBA programs with an open mind, and then make the choice of what works best for you and your career.

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Be Ready to Explain Your Story:

This is a common question that you will be asked and be prepared to tell the admissions staff about what you are doing and the reason why you want to change if that is what you are doing.

Think about the 17 years-old kid who is working with NASA currently and keeping the MBA aspirations to grow more in life. Obviously, don’t end up speaking about his life history, but get all the answers ready for the questions they may ask about your background and willpower.

Articulate well about your background and what you want to achieve after finishing an MBA. That way they will be able to guide you right on how an MBA degree can help to facilitate and help you achieve the career development that you are seeking.

What Not to Do?

Never Ask Closed Questions Whose Answers Are Easy to Obtain in A Brochure or Online Course Guide:

While you may have concerns about topics like GMAT scores, years of relevant experience or school schedule and location that you want to clarify first about a college, but answers to these questions can easily be obtained on an online school brochure or a pamphlet.

You may get thousands of eBooks on those topics, so asking such lame questions just for the sake of asking questions may annoy them sometimes.

Never Ask Right at That Moment If They Think You’ll Be Chosen:

It is not a good idea to push the MBA staff into telling you if you are admissible or not right then and thereafter a conversation of 5 minutes. They will be happy to help you with a bit of advice but are not equipped to tell you whether you will be selected.

Never Ask About Financial Aid or MBA Scholarships in Your Initial Conversation:

Well, most schools do offer MBA scholarships and financial aids, but if this is your first question then it will seem like all other questions are of secondary importance to you. As you have to look after your money management as a student, you should ask about this question. Just make sure that you do not make this your opening one.

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