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Teamwork Lessons From Team USA’s Golden Performance at The Rio Olympics

The best place to exhibit team spirit is at any sports event, and what could beat the Olympics when it comes to major sports events. This XXXI Olympiad at Rio, was a historic event for USA as the national team bagged most of the medals among all other participating nations. To what may we owe this success?

This is not only about athletics and perseverance, but also has a lot to do with team work. For leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs trying to achieve visionary goals and strategic plans, the historic success of team USA can offer great insights into the power of impassioned team-spirit and inspiring training.

Here are a few lessons of teamwork you can learn from the US Olympics team while taking a few breaks from your over-burdensome college assignments.

Field for your most potent team:

The US teams demonstrated, in the best possible way, what happens when people field for their most powerful teams. These are teams that have earned their distinction for representing the cause. If you seek to field for your most potent teams then you must only enlist those who are in it to get results. Look for employees who have devoted a lot of time for rigorous practice and conditioning and have determined perseverance before they are in the game. This would directly work for them and will bring home that gold medal for your company.

Here’s how you as an entrepreneur or manager can make sure that you assembling the strongest possible teams:

Nurtures the talent already in your mind set:

Most organizations as per survey reports suggest that they find leadership development as their most glaring organizational weakness. Offering quality, in-depth training to the present staff and the board can make all the difference in the world for both short-term and long-term success of organization.

Make it an honour to participate:

You must put ample emphasis on the fact that the hot pursuit of visionary goals does not only mean expansion for your clients or your company and community, but is in fact also a strong evidence of team members’ own professional growth. It should be an honour to create positive change.

Provide opportunities for your employees to excel:

Having mandatory participation may not be a complete failsafe procedure to elicit the perseverance required for goal fulfilment. So, you must provide opportunities for individuals to be able to participate and make contributions. You may choose to sign on the dotted line or publish their names on social media sites, which will indicate their commitment to win. When trying to make efforts to reach for your visionary goals, it is better to advance with caution and with an army of devout followers than to be delayed due to a pack of disgruntled peers.

Stop worrying about who is not available:

It may so happen that the best players of your teams are not available, like it happened for the Roster where two of their star players were not present. But the coach did not get caught up thinking about what those two players could do for the team. He knew that team has to be just fine. So, instead he focussed on succeeding with the team that they do have with the present players.

Likewise, in your career, you must focus on succeeding with the people and resources that you do have, instead of those that are not available. Offices which long for former colleagues or bosses are wasting their time and energy. Instead you must help your workers focus on those who chose to stay with the team and push them to produce the best results possible.

Ask your team members to keep their ego in check and know your role right:

Often as it so happens in Olympics events, that players do not get ample field time, but they remain on the floor for every key moment on every team that they have ever played for, up until reaching the Olympics. But learn how they carry themselves on the bench during timeouts. Their tremendous support and enthusiasm shines through, even though they are not on the floor as long as they would have wanted to be.

You must adopt a similar attitude in your work environment, even at times when you feel slighted away.

In your career if things head right as you had planned, then you will find yourself in a leadership role that requires you to think carefully and build a culture. At the same time you must realize that nothing in business or life lasts forever, so, build on what is there instead of tearing down the existing culture, make genuine efforts to have it evolve.

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