Excellent Ideas on How to Choose Good Commemorative Speech Topics

A commemorative speech is a type of talk usually prepared for recalling someone or somebody or for displaying a form of respect. These speeches are offered at special or unique occasions for commemorating an event, a team, an individual, a concept, or an organization. These speeches are also sometimes referred to as ceremonial speech.

Particularly, in US colleges, commemorative speeches are offered during a graduation ceremony for showing gratitude towards any teaching staff, peers or family members, etc. The subject of the commemorative speech depends largely upon what the situation or occasion demands, similar to that of informative speech topics. Like, it might include the challenges that you are going to face particularly in the future, your perception of the education that you have received by far or prominent skills that you have acquired during the education, etc. 

But writing a good commemorative speech requires a lot of skills says the penmypaper professionals. However, what makes it more challenging for the students is choosing good commemorative speech topics that successfully impress the listeners.

How to Choose the Best Topics for Commemorative Speech?

Whether you are choosing commemorative speech ideas or demonstration speech ideas, it is important to first select the subject upon which you will be writing the speech. So, take into account the following things:

  • Understand the Characteristics of a Commemorative Speech: As clear from the name itself, commemoration means to celebrate, praise, or recall memories. Its main purpose is to unite the listeners and inspire them to recall the different memories altogether. 
  • Understand the Purpose of the Occasion: Before you deliver the speech, you can do a little research work to know for what sort of event you are preparing the speech. For more information on this, you can contact the person who is in charge of the event or the event manager. This speech can be prepared for reunions, memorial services, anniversaries, funerals, dedications, etc.If it is a kind of regular event, then even you can ask some earlier speakers about what they have talked about. However, if it is an event just happening once, then take ideas from your professors or seniors.
  • Know Your Audience: While delivering the speech, it is important for you to know who your listeners actually are. It is recommended to do a little bit of research work to know what their expectations are, what are their hopes, do you know anything about their values and beliefs, etc. After you get to know your audience’s preference, then accordingly you need to choose your commemorative speech topic.
  • Honor the Qualities: The commemorative speech also aims to highlight the qualities of people, organizations, etc, not just by enlisting but also by honoring their qualities. One should highlight such qualities that the audience celebrates and depending on that, you should opt for your commemorative speech.

Apart from these, it is always recommended to choose an original topic; ensure that it is not that identical to other speakers. You don’t want to use debatable topics here. Also, make sure that the topics that you have chosen for your commemorative speech are meaningful enough that it delivers a message.

Some of the Best Commemorative Speech Topics that you can Prefer

To make your commemorative speech a memorable one, here we have provided you with some interesting topics for your commemorative speech. You can either let us write you an essay outline for you or you can check out this list of useful commemorative topics suggested by the experts of PenMyPaper.

Commemorative Speech Topics for Human Rights

  1. Paying tribute to the Civil Rights Movement
  2. Paying tribute to the Women Rights Movement
  3. Courageous actions were taken by leaders during Terrorist At Stacks
  4. Depicting the strength of character of an eminent person
  5. Paying tribute to the LGBT rights movement

Commemorative Speech Topics Related to Dedication or Tribute

  1. Paying tribute to human courage (a veteran or a policeman)
  2. Celebrating Christian or any other religious values
  3. Paying tribute to the contribution of single parents 
  4. Selfless dedication and love of a teacher or a parent
  5. Eulogy for a professor of your university
  6. Paying tribute to a significant personality, whether dead or alive ( Barack Obama, Narendra Modi)

Commemorative Speech Topics Related to Family and Loved Ones

  1. Paying tribute to a teaching staff
  2. Paying tribute to a colleague
  3. Paying tribute to your siblings
  4. Paying tribute to parents
  5. Paying tribute to spouse
  6. Paying tribute to your best friend

Some Other Interesting Commemorative Speech Topics

  1. Commemorate the lives that are lost on 9/11
  2. Commemoration on the creation of Atomic Bombs being dropped on Japan
  3. Commemorate the end of World War II
  4. Commemorate the Declaration of Independence
  5. The value of humility in this egocentric globe
  6. Some acts of compromise that marked personal evolution in your life
  7. Darwin’s quest for truth despite fears of blasphemy
  8. Some great travelers in World History (Columbus, Magellan)
  9. Scientific or Artistic genius (Newton, Mozart)
  10. An effective landing on the Moon
  11. Some samples of originality (Pollock, Van Gogh’s art)
  12. Inspiring samples of commitment (household, war comrades, etc.)

Some Unique Commemorative Speech Topics

  1. Commemorate the significance of hope (NASA’s Apollo 13 survival mission)
  2. Talk about both your intellectual and spiritual transformation after starting college
  3. Commemorate the lady who changed the world for the better
  4. Celebrate the legalization of gay marriages
  5. Speak of the time when you as well as your team won a tournament with the support of the College
  6. Speak on the creation of one of the biggest social networking platform (Facebook)
  7. Colossal improvements in people’s lifespan globally
  8. An academic success that is being accomplished by your team but it qualifies you for
  9. The values and lifestyles of extinct civilizations and individuals (Maya, indigenous Indians)
  10. Examples of condition eradication ( global eradication of poliomyelitis)
  11. Individual reasoning examples (Charles Bukowski, Noam Chomsky)
  12. Peoples challenges and adaptability that are overcoming ( Astronauts on Overseas area facility)
  13. Global individual milestones (the progress in fighting famine/ illiteracy)
  14. Colossal improvements in peoples lifespan internationally
  15. Milestones in-room research (landing Curiosity rover on Mars, Pluto flyby)
  16. Healthcare milestones (historic advances in dealing with AIDS)

Some Specific Commemorative Speech Topics

  1. Strength: Many different examples and people of strength that you can use
  2. Team Work: It is a good option to apply for the teamwork topics
  3. The End of Slavery: It is a significant thing to commemorate
  4. Patriotism: This theme is used for different speeches on many holidays
  5. Kindness: This theme can also be used while selecting a topic for commemorative speech
  6. Selflessness: Many people symbolizes this value
  7. Pearl Harbor: This commemoration speech topic is quite common
  8. Printing Press: The printing press creation led to the growth of education, ideas, and learning all over the world
  9. Hard work: You can commemorate the examples and value of hard work
  10. Loyalty: You can opt to commemorate the one who has been represented in your own or the lives of others.


Hope that this guide has provided you with some successful commemorative speech ideas, but the truth is that these are restricted to your imagination. If you don’t find the topics good enough, then also you can consider it as your primary suggestion and brainstorm your mind to be on the right track. 

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