Crafting Great Thesis Statements

Irrespective of whether the academic assignment you are facing is of a doctoral dissertation or short essay variety, the thesis statement is perhaps the most important sentence in the entire paper. At its best a thesis statement summarizes the paper’s purpose and works towards controlling, asserting and structuring the argument in its entirety. In the absence of a solid thesis, the argument may come up as weak, uninteresting and even some might opine it lacks in direction. The following tips would help you along the way.

Begin with a Question

After starting off with a particular question, try to answer the question in your thesis. Irrespective of the complications of the subject any thesis may be crafted as an answer to a question.

State your thesis according to the type of paper

It is best that you represent your thesis according to the paper type you are doing. All essays do not have similar aims and hence, the goals of the paper done by you will be of immense help in summarizing your thesis.

The analytical forms of essays break down a subject matter in order to understand and examine it better.

Expository pieces on the other hand illuminates or teaches particular points.

Argumentative papers make fresh claims with suitable evidence in order to influence the viewpoint of the reader.

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Take a stance

Take specific stance so that your thesis assumes greater power. Address a singular issue in minute details in order to fully support the points in your paper’s body.

Make a Fresh Argument

Try to ensure that your argument remains unique. The best sample of the thesis statements finds a way of approaching the topic which both novel and exciting. A dynamic and fresh thesis results in a fresh and dynamic paper.

Prove Your Thesis

Choose a thesis that can be proved. Do not frame your thesis first and look for evidences required to prove it later down the pipeline. The thesis is where the research comes to an end and does not begin there. You will have to come up with a thesis which you can support through use of evidence.

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