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Your guide to writing the scholarship essay that you need

A scholarship essay is one of the most important pieces of writing you’ll undertake in your life. It will determine whether you will be able to get into the institute that you had your sights on. The buck stops with us with regard to your future.

The Thinking Process

Just think for a couple of minutes about your life. We’ve all had memorable and significant experiences that have guided us. You need to go back to that one memory or experience that affected your perceptions and has lead you to this point. This will enable you to write your essay with a definite theme.

 The Layout

Within five paragraphs you have to talk about a significant event in your life and how the college can in turn fund you as you proceed further.

  • The first paragraph states the chief argument that you’ll make.
  • You’ll need to explain yourself further in relation to this contention for three paragraphs.
  • In the fifth paragraph you will need to wrap up proceedings by a final summary. This will form the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle that is you as far as the evaluator of your essay is concerned. You cannot suddenly come up with a fresh revelation about yourself in this last passage.

Focus on what is relevant to the topic

We have a tendency to talk in detail about us if given the opportunity. A scholarship essay might though initially make us reticent. You want to treat it with due diligence and not reveal something irrelevant or embarrassing. Those are worthy guidelines to have but remember to showcase your human side simultaneously. You can admit your flaws. None of us are error free, not even the subject experts. But you have to maintain perspective and write about yourself in a sober manner.

This is not a repetition of your resume

We are inclined to think that in resumes we already gave out multiple, important details. That is true but that does not mean we regurgitate those details again in the scholarship essay. A part of that resume will find an echo in the essay. Talking about all your work experience and other achievements would be non-confirming as per the requirements of the essay.

Get it vetted before you click for submit

You've managed to explain yourself within five paragraphs in a way that puts forth a convincing portrait and yet is not a rambling pitch. Well done. But don't go ahead and pat yourself. You should get your scholarship essay looked over by relatives and friends. It is important to get another perspective on oneself. Was I as motivated as I claimed to be? Was the wisdom earned past the experience as deep as I thought it to be? These kinds of questions need to be answered and we unfortunately cannot always be honest with ourselves. We need allies who speak in a voice that we understand but one that will not be a flattering imitation of us.

Spelling and Grammar errors to be ironed out

These might seem like minor points of omission. After all the trouble you've undertaken as an aspirant college student on such a reflective topic you want some leeway. The college selection committee will be a sympathetic body. But it would be preferable if one were not reduced to a subject of pity. You will have to meet their needs as much as you can. Ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes. If need be ask the English teacher whom you don't particularly care for. In such vital stages of life, the most unexpected persons can prove to be a positive influence for you.

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