Research Proposal

The primary aim of a particular research proposal is to illustrate the problem addressed by your research proposal and to demonstrate its significance, the feasibility and suitableness of methods, fruitful results and be an original contribution. To put it simply you are stating whether it will work or not.

The details and the sophistication of your proposal are determined by the academic level of the research and the particular department and university it is going to be done for.

Initially research proposals were usually 3-5 pages long. It often acts as a point for start of discussions with your seniors to decide upon the methodology of your research, its topic and mechanics. However, these are subject to variations according to particular institutions.

A research proposal is more like an opportunity rather than a burden. In fact seasoned academicians recommend scripting a research proposal even if it is not absolutely necessary as it may be used to your advantage. It makes you think about the research topic you have in mind, to have an overview of your research scope and to assess how suitable your research methodology is. Having it penned down also enables you to judge for yourself how much feasible your project really is in terms of cost, time and other resources necessary to carry out the research. You also get an inkling of how much success the project is likely to meet with.

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In the absence of any sort of hard and fast rules guiding the structure of research proposal, you will be well advised to include:

  • Objectives and aims
  • Review of Related Research Literature
  • Significance of your research
  • The methods of research you propose to pursue
  • Expected outcomes and their related importance.

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