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How to Deal with Reflective Papers

A Reflective assignment gives students the chance to reinforce the concepts and ideas imbibed through the course of their study including lectures, coursework and of course personal experience. Though it is indeed true that reflective papers have the feelings of the editor as the point of focus, they involve the requirement of a number of sources and frequently use concrete examples. In case of students who are involved in capstones or classes that may be considered to be experiential like practicums and internships, reflective papers prove to be an invaluable source which lets students synthesize the theoretical basis with the practical experience gained through their application. This variety of academic paper lets you in methodically organizing your thoughts and in the process gain even more from the experience acquired.

The following steps should help you along the way:

Having a Brainstorming Session

First you should be able to specify the theme which occupies the main position in the paper. Then you should jot down in editing the material you find to be of special importance. Store those ideas in a table or chart and ask yourself the questions that are necessary in order to make an assessment of your own individual response.

Organizing your Paper

It is important to note that it is best that reflective papers should be short yet sweet. You should also state expectations you had from before. Also it is important that you develop the statement borne out by the thesis. The conclusion that you drew from the experience on which the paper is based should be noted in the body of the editing. Summarize your opinion as the assignment conclusion.

While editing the paper

Use the instrument of revealing information with much careful judiciousness. Maintain a tone that is overtly academic and professional. Scan the material of the paper meticulously on the level of sentences. Make use of transitional phrases in order to include details and to shift the focus of the argument. Lastly, provide classroom information that remains relevant to your reading or experience that you learnt from the class.

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