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Get ready to write the best reflective essay ever

We reflect all throughout the day. That is a fundamental part of human existence. So it makes sense to find a medium of expression for particularly significant thoughts and experiences. There is a method that you can follow to write the reflective essay that you would love for people to read. Some of the ways of doing so are:

Be emotionally honest to get to the crucial experiences

We often tell ourselves that what we experience often is special. However if we introspect on our lives then certain past events will stand out. They will do so for how they made us feel then .More significantly for essay writers will be how those events manage to evoke emotions even now. A lifelong impact post the experience needs to be showcased in the paper writing. A healthy knowledge of yourself-what makes you tick and what angers you- is vital in this process.

The reflective essay and its basic elements

All that you want to write down in your essay has to be summed up in five paragraphs.

  • The experience or the event has to be described in brief in the opening paragraph. Much as you would like to describe sensations and thoughts from the get go there needs to be an anchoring point for the reader. Giving an outline description of the event is necessary to get the reader along.
  • Feelings and possible actions undertaken during the course of the event have to be relayed in the following four paragraphs. There needs to be a sense of transporting the reader by your side as you give a minute representation of the event.
  • In the last paragraph there should be a decisive statement on how the event has shaped you. You have to give the reader a glimpse of your changed mindset.


Be comfortable writing about yourself

It is usually easier to talk about others rather than oneself. Sleight of judgement can be cast with a practiced dexterity as it is done throughout one’s life. What is troublesome is the opinions that we share about ourselves.

Most persons assume that when you are writing about yourself self-glorification would be key. However the conscious exhibition of flaws and self-awareness are more effective literary tools. Reflective essays do not lend themselves to the promotion of an agenda or a peacock like display of virtues.

There has to be an introspection process showcased-and what is important to remember is that not all experiences lead to happy endings. Reflective essays can lead to realization of pain and anger due to the said event. One has to register those so called negative feelings too in the paper writing exercise.

Consult others who were a part of your experience

While looking back we tend to look at others as static points through which we thread our thoughts. However in the description of the event and the experience you should talk to other participants. The most important reason to do so would be to establish a frame of reference by which your thoughts gain luminosity. Details of other persons can also emerge as a needed break for the reader. In reflective writing, details may be used in a lesser number than in other forms of custom writing but that does not diminish their significance.

Make the most of revising the essay

Ultimately you will submit an essay that will be a conflation of the event, your experience of it and your written expression of it. In doing so there are likely to be errors in what one writes and what one intended to convey. Multiple revisions are often necessary to make the paper writing as error free as possible. Grammar and spelling mistakes have to be weeded out. If necessary a new point may need to be installed at the cost of another point.

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