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Operations Management

The management of operations is a field of study that is often not perceived correctly. This is primarily because of the multidisciplinary nature of the field of Operations Management. However, its functions are vital to the business, to an extent that may be said to "Make or Break". Operations Management is an MBA specialization that is quite popular amongst MBA aspirants the world over.

What does operations management denote?

The chief concern of operations management is the organization, planning and the supervision of the processes of manufacturing, production as well as the provision of services. It is focused on delivery and ensures that organizations are able to turn inputs to the final output efficiently. The inputs itself may be anything from human resources like workers or staff to equipment, materials and technology.

Some examples of the key responsibilities of an operations manager are acquiring services or goods from external sources as well as management of relations with the people involved in the process and enhancing the sustainability of the company as far as its use of resources are concerned.

The Main Two Concepts Regarding Operations Management

In the world of operations management there are two key terms that are of vital use when describing operations management namely logistics and management of the supply chain. On both the areas operations management has a crucial role to play. To cite an example there is a need for proper understanding of global trends in the sub-domain of management of supply chains which may play a critical role in meeting the demand of the clients. In the case of logistics resources should be used carefully and with consideration and without ignoring the aspects related to cost-effectiveness. This need cannot be highlighted enough during a time when there is a shortage of resources and the skyrocketing expectations of clients.

Operations Management Assignment

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