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Human Resource

Human Resource (HR) is a team of professional operating in an organization and charged with the responsibility of recruiting, hiring, placing and training job applicants for specified roles and accountabilities. HR managers plays a crucial part in functioning of an organization as it fundamentally focuses on overall development of employees, enhancing their productivity and securing the organization from any matters that might affect its smooth functioning. HR is an integral part of studying management as it covers the following aspects:

  • Efficiently utilizing and managing human resources of the organization.
  • Providing performance appraisal and subsequent compensation.
  • Development of individual competitive aspects and overall organizational performance.
  • Enhancing creativity, flexibility and innovation to enhance the competitive positioning of the organization.
  • HR also focuses on due application of channel for designing, successfully planning, creating and developing the inter-organizational flexibility.
  • It also diverts its focus on adoption of new technology and innovative methods to improve training, development and communication activities among the workforce in an organization.

The relevant or key areas that are covered within the HRM division of an entity are:

  • Staffing- This aspect of HRM helps to devote focus on training, acquiring, compensating and appraising the employees. Thus, this part of HRM assist to effectively places right person for the right job or responsibility.
  • Training and Development- It forms a part of HRM and is concerned with the enhancing job performances of individual workforce of the organization. It is also concerned with educational programs, sharpening the skills and knowledge and improve the overall performance of the workforce.
  • Employee Relationship- This is one of the important aspect in HRM where there exists greater emphasis on the relationship between employees and employers. This aspect provides a greater overview of the necessity to offer fair treatment to the employees as it will ensure accomplishment of the company’s vision and mission.
  • Compensation- Compensation package for the workforce of the organization is a significant aspect for making strategic decisions on the part of HR managers. Formulation of a suitable compensation package for employees at all levels is significant as it consists of different aspects such as basic salary, additional advantages, namely, retirement plans, health insurance, performance bonuses, other allowances etc. HR managers play important in the development of a transparent system of performance appraisal as this aspect consists both monetary as well non-monetary benefits.

Case studies on HR

Our experts have high quality analytical skills and experienced in dealing case studies on varied areas of HR. Assistance of contemporary issues with regard to various areas of HR is adopted by our specialist to critically analyse any given case study or scenarios. Identification of relevant issues, suggestion of relevant solutions ad recommendations are provided by our experts by taking into account new strategies.

  • Leadership – Leadership in HR provides the managers a vision to assist the followers to achieve specific objectives important to the organization. It contributes towards bringing a change among the workforce in the organization by creation of motivation. It is a significant aspect of HRM as it highlights the responsibility of the managers in implementing the vision and mission by facilitating the forecasting and other innovative skills of the subordinates of the firm.
  • Strategic HRM- Our experts also cover another crucial aspect of HR i.e. Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is considered as proactive management of the workforce of the organization where detailed emphasis is given on the fundamental components of HR such as discipline, hiring, payroll in order to work in a collaborative manner in a business environment to enhance retention rate, improve the quality of experiences of the employees, maximize the benefits for both the employers and the employees. Thus, our specialist considering the relevant significance of this aspect in HR focuses on the above-mentioned sub-division to critically analyse any paper in this field and provide suitable recommendations and suggestions when required.

Additional aspects of HR covered by our experts are organizational culture, change management, health and safety and recruitment and retention.

  • Organizational Culture is another aspect of HRM where working norms, company’s vision and mission, inherent values, beliefs and habits are explored and critically analysed in respect of an organization.
  • Planning Change- HR also helps to initiate planning for changes that has an impact on the functioning of the entire organization. Workforce in an organization has to understand the entire picture for the requirement of change management in the organization in order to understand their respective role.

Our experts thus considering the significance of such topics in HR and importance of the same in the management of the entire organization prepare and present the papers accordingly.