Team management in McDonalds

The report has been based on the organizational performance as well as the problem faced by team member with the marketing and sales department in McDonald’s. The company has flourished its business in many countries and has earned huge revenue through its sales of fast food. Mc Donald’s is known to serve its customers with the quality products but it has faced an issue related to the customer relationship management. Due to the inefficiency of the sales personnel within the organization it had failed to offer timely services to the customers. The company also failed to address to the customer queries and as a result the company was losing its customers. However the effective strategies adopted by the company in training the workers have resulted in enhancement of the services. Further the promotional activities of the company have also improved and have created a huge impact on the target customers within the organization. Mc Donald’s has efficiently managed its policies so as to maintain its position in the international market.

Team management in McDonalds

Type: Report
Domain: Team Management
Words: 2000
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