Managing People and Teams

The current study has focused on the case study on boutique HR consultancy which is facing problems such as employee turnover, lack of coordination among workers, poor corporate image, low market share, etc. The other issues relate with the HR director and organizational culture which is negatively impacting the performance of employees.
The study has discussed about the concept relating to motivation and its impact on employee performance and retention. Focus has also been given on organizational culture and leadership which has extensive impact on the future growth and success of the organization.
The company is majorly affected by its internal issues which could highly influence its future performance if the issues are not addressed properly. Moreover, it could lead to shut down of the company.
In the later part of the study, some recommendations have been made;
• Provision of safe and healthy work environment
• Hiring right people
• Enhancing communication channel and provide promotion and rewards to employees
• Provide health and fringe benefits and employees’ involvement in decision making

The success of an organization depends on the strategic human resource management, organizational behavior, performance management, motivation, culture and ethics and organizational design. These elements significant contribute in the future growth of the organization and to be competitive in the market. In this current study, the issues faced by the boutique HR consultancy which has been engaged by a fashion company. In context to that, a recommendation would be provided to overcome the issues so that the performance of the company could be enhanced within two years.
Background of the Study
From the provided case study, it has been reported that the company has been facing huge problems within their organization such as widespread absenteeism, insubordination, negative media attention, protracted industrial action and low productivity. It has created extensive difficulty for the company to manage its human resources and enhance its organizational effectiveness. On the other hand, due to low performance of the company, there has been loss of market share and competitive benefit. This in turn has raised question on the future Endeavour of the company. Further, it has been found that the organizational culture of the firm is not showing positive results. Due to this, it is difficult for the boutique HR consultancy to ensure positive work environment. It can be pointed that such issues would be tough for the organization to improve its performance any time soon. Further, it has been observed that the CEO of the company is not satisfied with the work approach of the HR director. Therefore, it can be indicated that if the senior management of the company have a doubt on any of their executives then it requires undertaking effective decision for the future benefit of the organization.
Aims/Objectives of Study
The main objectives of the study are;
• To analyze the issues faced by the company
• To recommend the ways for overcoming the organizational issues for future growth
Through the above research objectives, the key issues affecting the performance of the company can be known. It would help in identifying the internal problems that are creating obstacles for the future growth of the company. On the other hand, the recommendations would support the company to enhance its organizational performance and manage its human resources so that objectives of the company could be fulfilled without any major issues.

Managing People and Teams

Type: Report
Domain: Team Management
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