Purchasing and Inventory Management Process at Brisbane Outdoor Power Centre

The current report has focused on understanding the concerns connected to the purchase and inventory management process of Brisbane Outdoor Power Centre. Due to lack of systematic approach, the firm has to deal with some problems in controlling its purchase order and effectively managing its inventory. On the other hand, the communication gap among the managers located in different retail branches of the company has been another concern for carrying the operation. In the study, it has been pointed that lean management and kaizen approach could be implemented by the c\firm to enhance its efficiency and control increasing costs. However, the company is required to follow a systematic action plan to attain the objective and gain positive outcome from purchase and inventory management process.
Managing operation the business requires appropriate arrangement of resources and better understanding of the bottom line of the company. The firms are required to be efficient enough to use the operation management system so that expected outcome and benefit could be generated (Mahadevan, 2010). Purchase and inventory management process is important for the firms to run the operation effective as it automates and supervises the organisation’s procurement strategy which optimises the inventory workflow and total purchases. On the other hand, the supply chain and inventory management found to be important for the businesses as it supports in increasing the efficiency of the company and maintaining adequate levels of stock for running the business operation (Bakliwal, 2011). In the current study, the focus would be on addressing the current purchasing and inventory management processes used by Brisbane Outdoor Power Centre and their comparative advantages and disadvantages would be discussed simultaneously. Further, suggestion would be made regarding the use of supply chain and inventory management which can help the firm to boost its efficiency.
Current purchasing and inventory management process of Brisbane Outdoor
A significant investment has been made by Brisbane Outdoor in its inventories due to continuous increase in the demand of the retail products that are supplied by the firm. The company operates from three different retail locations but each location offer different product mixes for meeting the local demand. On the other hand, a considerable problem has been created to the organisation due to lack of systematic management of the stocks. The purchasing and inventory management processes of Brisbane Outdoor might not be undertaken as efficient due to some issues in firm’s operational practices. The products are often supplied among the three branches of the company at the event of shortage. Moreover, the lack of integration in the inventory management system could be effortlessly recognised from the current operation management procedure of the company. Further, it has been observed that the major products brands of Brisbane Outdoor differ from one branch location to other. Therefore, it could be pointed that if customer wants to buy their desired product then they have to travel to other branch location thereby; it can further create dissatisfaction. Furthermore, it has been found that the organisation does not follow any specific standard regulations in context to purchasing products and management of stock. Each of the inventory managers of Brisbane Outdoor has their own purchasing and sourcing management system which can be viewed as a problem from the long term perspective. Therefore, it could be pointed that different operational approach of managers has led to unrelated and dissimilar purchase and inventory management process in Brisbane Outdoor.

Purchasing and Inventory Management Process at Brisbane Outdoor Power Centre

Type: Report
Domain: Supply Chain Management
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