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The paper analyses the initiatives taken by a telecommunication retail company in the United Kingdom named Currys for better strategic management within the company in order to maintain the company’s status. The study reveals that the company is highly susceptible to certain risk factors like the business risk and the operational risks. It is the board of directors and senior executives who takes valuable decisions for the company to overcome these risk factors. The study reveals that the investors find it risky to invest due to high volatility of comapny’s stocks. However, the company has gained reputation in the market by providing its customers with quality products and services. The company also takes initiatives in collecting timely feedback from the customers for further growth of the company. Since the company produces electronic gadgets, it is highly probable to have a lot of competition among the rival companies but the company undertakes a strategic move to go for partnership with other retail giants. Strategic partnership would offer the company to expand its business and produce a wide range of products to satisfy its customer needs. The company also plans to offer training to the mobile retailers so that they can provide better connectivity services to their customers. It plans out strategies to train its newly hired employees and also offers hikes in their remuneration in order to encourage them to perform well.

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