Report on Premier Foods Board

Premier Foods is a well known food producing company in UK that meets the rising demand for food products in the international market. It takes up various strategies in order to accelerate its work process and ‘Pay per Stay’ is one such strategy where the suppliers were forced to pay money in case they prefer to continue their business with Premier Foods. As per the managers of the company the strategy was mainly in order to reduce the number of suppliers and to collect funds for the future growth prospect of the organization. However, the strategy faced a lot of criticisms and was ultimately lifted by the company. The implementation of such a strategy has affected the brand reputation and the report suggests the risk assessment and control activities to be undertaken in order to overcome the challenges while implementation of such a strategy. The strategies are to be designed by the company considering the social responsibility towards the global market.

Report on Premier Foods Board

Type: Report
Domain: Strategic Management
Words: 2750
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