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The current report deals in proposing an efficient strategy to Carnival Corporation which operates in range of cruise lines around the world. The report has aimed to understand and identify the possible strategy for growth considering both corporate and business strategies. The identification of strategies helped in analysing the two strategies that would support the company in gaining a long-term success. On the other hand, for selecting the appropriate corporate strategy, Ansoff matrix model has been used. This model has been effective in assessing the strategies like product development and market development, market penetration and diversification. Moreover, critical viewpoints have been presented to select one corporate strategy that fits best to the company’s business model. Further, for choosing the business strategy, Porter’s Generic strategy model has been undertaken. Therefore, strategies like cost leadership, differentiation and focus strategy are analysed, considering the model. Based on the analysis of strategies, market development and differentiation strategies have been suggested for Carnival Corporation that could support its future growth.

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