Initaiting the steps to reduce student absenteeism

This paper intends to present a research proposal on initiating the necessary actions for reducing the problems such as absenteeism in the colleges. The problem of absenteeism in the educational institutions has been analysed with the help of 5D framework. Time and cost analysis related to this research has also been specified in the proposals.
Introduction to problem
It is important to study organizational behaviour (OB), since it is a very interesting and challenging task for an organisation. It is defined as the field, which studies and investigates the effect of individuals, organizational structure and groups on the behaviour prevailing within organizations, thereby gaining knowledge towards improvement of organisational effectiveness. OB examines incorporation of various studies that are related to behavioural sciences, like, anthropology, psychology, sociology and political science (Brroks, 2006). Thus, it refers to a broad field of study that includes group, individual and organizational structure, besides the relation shared between organizational culture and growth. The goal of study is to ascertain the behaviour of humans towards growth of an organization and achieve greater efficiency. The research proposal elaborates the problem that is encountered in a university in Texas and the solution for the problem is also recommended in the proposal. It is observed that academic institutions around the world have encountered difficult situations due to increase in absenteeism of professors and teachers (Murphy, 2012). The number of days of absentees is increasing at an alarming rate with limited substitutes. The same problem is prevalent in Baylor University, Texas. The number of professors and teachers are not adequate enough to support regular classes and additionally, it is seen that they remain absent for higher number of days (Sutherland, 2012). This problem has affected the regular lecture sessions, which are provided to students of the university. The management of the college has, thus, decided to take appropriate steps for solving the problem and leading an uninterrupted educational system (Cole, 2005).
Best solution
There are many solutions to the above mentioned problem, but the best one is to undertake Appreciative Inquiry (AI). AI elaborates the need for applications of new knowledge and innovative ideas, which explains key aspects of organizational life. It basically focuses on application and generation of knowledge, which originates from inquiry and later, it leads to moments of excellence (Aquinas, 2006). The concept was established by David Cooperrider and his team mates in mid-1980s. It comprises fives stages of inquiry: definition, discovery, dream, design and destiny. So, it is also known as 5D framework. The problem of absenteeism can be rectified by applying the 5D framework.
The first stage is known as “define”. It focuses on awareness of the development that is planned. During this stage, topic of inquiry becomes the main agenda for the organization for learning and innovation. The questions asked are positive and concentrates on valuable areas that is essential to people, who are involved directly with issues that lead to success of the organization. This inquiry identifies “the area”, where the organization needs to incorporate change (S. Ahmad, N. Ahmad & Drazi, 2008).

Initaiting the steps to reduce student absenteeism

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Domain: Research Proposal
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