Advertising campaign plan of Coca Cola

The purpose of this report is to build up an innovative advertising campaign plan in relation to the exercise of emotional plea. For this, the organisation, Coca Cola has been considered as a case. The company has a strong stand in the beverage industry and a leader among the beverage companies. The report employs an emotional appeal within advertising, advertising media and marketing communications theory, for constructing a plan to attract the customers and enhance brand loyalty. PEST analysis has been used for evaluating the beverage industry of UK for understanding the business environment and customer behaviour. Strength and weakness of Coca Cola and its competitors have been mentioned as well. The report discuses market analysis, customer analysis and competitor analyses of Coca Cola for understanding the market trends of the target segments. Further, strategies related to implementation, control and evaluation of advertisement plan has been highlighted, so that the company’s objectives of communication are attained.

Advertising campaign plan of Coca Cola

Type: Report
Domain: Promotional Campagin
Words: 3500
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