Managing Projects Successfully

This assignment intends to focus on the four key tasks related to project management. The first task deals with the leadership style required for a project manager. The second task concerns with the team building and motivational approaches essential for achieving the objectives of a project. With the help of MS Project software activity planning for the concerned project has been represented in task 3.
Task 1A
Responsibilities of the project manager
The fundamental responsibility of the project manager is to direct the project from its initiating point and take it through to its concluding phase. The project manager has to ensure the fact that the project is completed within the specified deadline. The individual has to schedule all the activities associated with the project and make sure that adequate resources are allocated for those activities in order for the project team members to finish them on time (R. Medina and A. Medina, 2014). The project assignments have to be completely aligned with each other and the project manager has to make sure that there is a strong coordination and collaboration between the team members. Besides allotting the tasks unvaryingly among the project team members the project manager has to monitor the progress of the project on a regular basis. The remaining activities have to be scheduled depending on the current progress of the project. Such a thorough supervision will enable the project manager to ensure that the project is finished well before deadline albeit leaving the team with enough time to test the project outcome rigorously (Kerzner, 2013).
It is the duty of the project manager to create a robust interconnectivity between the project team members so that information can be channelized effectively between project team members. Effective communication of information will allow the project manager to learn about the issues that arise in between the different assignment levels within the project subsequent to which they can be addressed appropriately. The project manager will also have to have foresightedness about the probable risk exposures of the project. In that way the individual will be able to make sure that proper contingency plans are at place in order to shield the project from such risks (Kelly, et al., 2013).
Transformational leadership
The fundamental trait of a transformational leader is that the individual goes beyond managing just the everyday operations and makes every effort to formulate strategies that are aimed towards taking the organization, functional department and the team members to the furthest level of performance and success. Leaders following this leadership style emphasize a lot on team building, collaboration, motivation and coordination between employees at several levels of the workflow within the organization (Wang, et al., 2011). This enables transformational leaders to bring the best out of their subordinates thereby enabling them to enhance their productivity and efficiency. By doing so they are able to accomplish change within the organization for a better cause. Transformational leaders are good at setting effective goals and incentives in order to encourage subordinates to achieve greater performance levels thereby providing them with ample opportunities to attain all round profession and personal growth (Avolio and Yammarino, 2013).

Managing Projects Successfully

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